Founded by Dr. Gabriele Dallmann and Henriette Frädrich, is the Outsourcing Specialist for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry worldwide. You might not find what you need on Google or on any other sources - but you´ll find on! 




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  • Database: How to get the most out of it, you´ll learn here
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What is A young internet company that falls into the category of “that can really change things“. 


One Stop Shop for Pharma & Biotech:

  • "Google" for Pharma & Biotech
  • Emerging Social Media Player
  • Source of Information
  • Collaboration tool for procurement and outsourcing experts in Pharma around the world
  • Database with information never found via regular Google search Identifies the contacts best matching their needs
  • No wasting of time in conventional Google search 


Better than Google:

  • Database of ten thousands of profiles of companies offering pharma services
  • Millions of specific keywords allowing full text search for any keyword.
  • Extensive search & filter functions making search comfortable
  • Result: selection of companies including niche providers delivering the service of interest 

B2B collaboration in Pharma needs to use innovative and up-to- date collaboration tools! provides a way for procurement and outsourcing experts in pharma around the world to identify their contacts best matching their service needs without worrying wasting time in conventional search engines, to collaborate with each other, and importantly, to start the business processes significantly quicker than with conventional ways.


All industries nowadays utilize external service providers to whom services are outsourced. Either locally or globally. Particularly in Pharma, the business value in outsourcing is increasing significantly. For both sides, the service buyer’s and the service provider’s side, the procurement process is demanding. The buyer needs to identify the right provider and to perform a due diligence process to understand whether their capabilities are actually matching their demands.


All existing tools and the internet search do not provide adequate sources for this as it is extremely time consuming to identify the right service provider, as the selection identified is incomplete and as it is very difficult to figure out the real experience and capabilities of a service provider not yet known.  On the service provider’s side the efforts to be installed regularly in order to be present in a way to be found are tremendous and the typically used pathway being internet search does not allow to identify small and mid-size companies and niche providers. They are simply not found in the internet.

„The processes used in B2B outsourcing seem to stem from last century.“

Whereas the potential of the fast and collaborative web 2.0 tools commonly used in all areas of our life the processes used in B2B outsourcing seem to stem from last century. They are so old fashioned that they cannot support effective outsourcing. They even block it or keep it constantly slow. It is time to disrupt these out-dated processes to the benefit of patients as novel medicines have to be developed more efficiently and thus made available quicker.

„We need to disrupt these out-dated processes to the benefit of patients.“

Pharmatching’s solution is to offer a collaboration network for B2B processes where outsourcing and offering of services play a central role

  • that would help them collaborate
  • by making it easier to become aware of capabilities of service providers
  • by providing a platform through which they can get direct contact to those they need.

Compared to the current system, where valuable time is spent in search using insufficient tools and search engines not providing valuable output of satisfactory results Pharmatching makes a real difference. 



Fixing B2B collaboration

  „Current pharma outsourcing processes block effective drug development!“

“I think current B2B processes in outsourcing block effective drug development and stand for similar symptoms in other industries business,” Gabriele Dallmann, Pharmatching’s CEO and an expert in drug development herself. “To start a project with an external service provider it takes too long, and specifically the phase of the identification of suitable companies could be skipped by simply using an effective tool instead of wasting time with conventional Google search or chatting around to get a word of mouth recommendation.This is indeed the current and very traditional way of how service providers are identified. Here is a big reserve to make research and drug development more efficient and faster.”

Media professional Henriette Frädrich, Pharmatching’s CEO for social media and marketing refers to the internet business, “It shows how it nowadays works – it is all about being fast, collaborative and innovative. Pharma industry instead persists in its crusted system of slow and in-effective B2B processes although they increasingly outsource their drug development to external service providers.”

„Pharma industry persists in its crusted system of slow and ineffective B2B processes!“


No outsourcing expert needs to use Google anymore – neither for searching (Buyer) nor advertising (Provider). 

With no one

  • on the buyer’s side needs to use conventional search engines anymore where they waste time significantly without achieving the desired results.
  • on the provider’s side needs to care anymore on conventional marketing tools requiring significant investment without sufficient business generation.

The potential of is extensive:

  • Collaboration tool for outsourcing industry
  • Revolutionizes internet search making search engines redundant
  • Pharma industry accelerates the pace of drug development delivering life- saving medicines quicker
  • Service providers become more visible and gain business more easily


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