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  • GMP audit services
  • Human Medicines
  • Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Worldwide

The company is based in Ireland, USA and Central Europe (Prague, Czech Republic).   We are the go to companny for small to medium sized pharmaceutical and Biotech companies  who require dedicated and experienced support in the following areas:   1.  Consulting 2.  Regulatory Affairs and Registration Support 3.. Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety More »

ELC Group

Logo ELC Group
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Human Medicines
  • Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, Worldwide

ELC GROUP is a fully-fledged global regulatory partner, working with major pharmaceutical stakeholders for over a decade. From Concept to Commercialisation is one of the key partnership areas in which ELC GROUP is creating its fast-growing success. From the development stage through to the implementation of clinical trials, completion of product registration, and successful marketing of the product, ELC GROUP aligns itself as a strategic partner to help pharmaceutical companies achieve their healthcare goals. ELC GROUP’s worldwide network of professionals spans all major Regulatory Affairs services across the key healthcare vertical markets of Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Clinical, Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals and Veterinary.  The team ranges from former FDA investigators to individuals with over 30 years of industry experience and broad capabilities, including in the areas of integrated advanced technologies, Regulatory Affairs consulting and commercialisation services. ELC GROUP works with equal success in partnership with large multi-nationals, small enterprises and start-ups, biotechs, CROs and device manufacturers. More »


  • Excellent work, thank you to the whole team!

Bausch and Lomb Inc.

Logo Bausch and Lomb Inc.
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Medical Devices
  • Worldwide

We are one of the best-known and most respected healthcare brands in the world, offering the widest and finest range of eye health products including contact lenses and lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products.  More »


  • World-class in service, capabilities and experience. We don't change!

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Outsourcinc America Latina S.A.

Logo Outsourcinc America Latina S.A.
  • Consulting - strategy and development
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Worldwide

We are part of a global, sourcing, import  and export healthcare counseling company providing access to overseas formulation, research and manufacturing capability for an exhaustive range of products and raw materials. CAREABILIS LLC offers a full DMF service to its pharmaceutical clients. More »


Logo AltaBioscience
  • Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Europe, Worldwide

AltaBioscience is recognised world-wide as a leading manufacturing & analysis laboratory providing synthesis ofDNA and peptides and analysis of proteins and other biochemical molecules, to researchers in academia, pharmaceuticals and the food industry.  More »

Charnley Nickols Associates Ltd.

Logo Charnley Nickols Associates Ltd.
  • GCP audit services
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide

We are an independent company, we provide practical, unbiased and targeted advice to achieve compliance and enhance quality. We have been successfully assisting companies worldwide for over 15 years and this is evidenced by our many long-term relationships with customers. We provide worldwide services in clinical research and pharmacovigilance. We work to current international and national regulatory standards and best practice. More »

IPSOS Health

Logo IPSOS Health
  • Consulting - strategy and development
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide

We are a worldwide specialisation that focuses on understanding the motivations, experiences, interactions and influences of the multiple stakeholders who impact the success of a product within the pharmaceutical industry. More »


Logo TranslateMedia
  • Translation services (medical, clinical, pharmaceutical)
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide

We are a leading global translation agency offering professional language translation services from locations around the world. Our network includes over 5,000 in-country language professionals including translators, copywriters, cultural advisers, and interpreters. More »

PSN - Pharmaceutical Service Network

Logo PSN - Pharmaceutical Service Network
  • Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide

We offer superior clinical development services to biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and independent institutions acting as sponsors who wish to have a dedicated and cost effective partner. More »

BrainWave Biosolutions

Logo BrainWave Biosolutions
  • Consulting - strategy and development
  • Human Medicines
  • Europe, North America, Asia, Worldwide

We are a company based in Chennai, India focused on serving our clients with high quality deliverables in the area of Intellectual Property. Such services shall be primarily on Patent search, Patent analysis, Patent drafting and Patent Prosecution.  Our capabilities and expertise are focused to address the needs of Drug discovery & Development, Drug delivery technologies, Therapeutic repositioning, Medical devices and Biomarkers.   We engage our customers with Full time Equivalent Employees (FTE) as well as Project based model for providing our IP Services. We have stringent data security measures in place to safeguard your confidential data. We will work with you in detail to understand your needs and collaborate on a mutually rewarding working model. Our pricing model is very competitive and transparent which will suit your needs.   We have an experienced IP team to meet your IP needs in a cost effective and timely manner. I have attached a brief presentation outlining our various services in the area of IP.  More »

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