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Sterile Disinfection and Cleaning

The AGMA range of sterile disinfection and cleaning products covers the entire needs for cleanrooms large or small. This complete system, without being overly complex, is the “AGMA Way”

All products are backed by independently verified efficacy test data so you know that they will work as required. Products are presented sterile by gamma irradiation.

Ease of use AGMA Way helps ensure operator compliance by avoiding confusion as what they need to use when.

Fewer different chemicals and simpler procedures save cost – 5 different products meet all needs

  • Sterile Alcohol 70/30 - IPA or DE

  • Sterile Proceine – water based rotational disinfectant

  • Sterile Qceine – water based rotational disinfectant

  • Sterile Zyceine- fast acting, low corrosion sporicide

  • Sterile Neutral Detergent – effective cleaning before disinfection.

Technical support and training available for customers.

Full supporting documentation available for all products including CoA and Irradiation Certificates.

Products double bagged with irradiation markers to demonstrate product sterility.

Different formats to meet all requirements from large pharmaceutical production rooms to small isolators.

  • Trigger sprays – bag in bottle maintains sterility in use.

  • Aerosols – easy to use, popular with users.

  • Pre-impregnated wipes – ready to use immediately. Cost effective and all packs re-sealable.

  • Ready to use liquids – pour out onto wipes or mops. No mixing or diluting required.

  • Large 5L bottles - for three bucket mopping systems.

  • Long 2 year shelf life on all products.

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