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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Analytical laboratory and testing services
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Key services


Custom peptides & Antibodies

  • Custom peptide synthesis
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis & Antibodies
  • Custom Peptide conjugation to KLH & agarose
  • Pre-activated BSA & KLH to prepare peptide-conjugate
  • Custom Proteins Antibodies
  • Custom peptide sysnthesis & antibodies
  • Phosphospecific Antibodies
  • Acetylation specific antibodies
  • Chicken antibodies
  • Custom Affinity purification of antibodies
  • Pre activated agarose to prepare antibody affinity column
  • Pre-screeing of animals
  • Custom antibody modificatio (HRP, biotin coupling)
  • Extension of antibody projects
  • Custom services guarantees
  • IACUC, USDA License and NIH/OPRR
  • Removal of anti-KLH, BSA or Fusion protein antibodies
  • Fusion-tag Antibodies


Primary Antibodies

  • Secondary Antibody Conjugates
  • Control IgG (non-immune)
  • Control Antibodies (Actin, GAPDH etc.)
  • Antigen Antibody Pens for Western


2-Antibodies & ELISA Reagents

  • Antibody-HRP labeling & biotinylation kits
  • Antigen-Antibody Pens
  • Biotin, Streptavdin Conjuagtes and Coated Plates
  • Custom labeling of proteins and antibodies
  • ELISA Kits for the detection of Abs
  • ELISA/Western Accessories
  • Normal Pre-immune (control) Serum
  • Pre-activated agarose to couple peptides and proteins
  • Protein A & G Proteins and Coated Plates
  • Secondary antibodies and Conjugates
  • Western blot recycling kit


ELISA Kits, Readers & Washers

  • Elisa Kits for Human Proteins
  • Elisa Kits for Mouse Proteins
  • Elisa Kits for Other Animals (Rat, Monkey, Goat etc)
  • Mouse Autoimmune ELISA kits (Anti-dsDNA, ANA etc)
  • Anti-Ovalbumin and anti-DNP ELISA kits for Mouse and Rat
  • ELISA kits for Host Cell Proteins Contaminants
  • ELISA kits for the Detection of Various Animals antibodies
  • ELISA Kits for Infectious Diseases (Hepatitis, etc)
  • Elisa Kits for Animal Health Screening


Vaccines Therapeutics & Food Safety Kits

  • ELISA Kits and Reagents for Vaccine Research
  • ELISA Kits for Food Safety/Environment
  • Vaccine Adjuvants & ODNs
  • Human Therapeutic Mabs


Protein Lysates, Blots & Tissue Slides/Arrays

  • Protein Blots-Multiple regions, tissues & species
  • Custom protein blots
  • Tissue and Cell lysate for Western
  • Tissue Slides for Immunohistochemistry
  • Tissues/Cells (Slides & Arrays) for IHC


Peptides, Proteins, Enzymes & cDNAs

  • Bioactive Peptides
  • Pharmaceutical peptides & intermediates
  • Antibiotics/Drugs
  • Purified Proteins (Natural)
  • Purified Proteins (Recombinant)
  • Purified Allergens (Recombinant)
  • Purified Cancer antigens
  • Purified Enzymes (Research & Diagnostic)
  • Full length cDNAs (human & Animals)
  • Aptamers and DNA/RNA libraries

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