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Key services


Custom Peptide Synthesis

Since our inception in 1993, we have assisted scientists in the design and synthesis of >50,000 peptides. As a result, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer optimal solutions to our customers.
AnaSpec routinely completes difficult peptide synthesis such as synthesis of long peptides (>90-mers), peptides containing unusual modifications, and cyclic peptides. In addition, AnaSpec has the capacity for large-scale synthesis (>100 g).

Optimized Fmoc and Boc methodologies are employed for peptide syntheses. Cleavage of peptides is performed using trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), hydrogen fluoride (HF), or other appropriate methods. Most of the peptides are purified by HPLC using reverse phase C4 and C18 columns. Alternative purification methods (e.g., ion exchange and gel filtration chromatography) are used when needed. AnaSpec is equipped with state-of-the-art automated peptide synthesizers capable of performing synthesis ranging from small (0.025 mmol) to large (50 mmol) scale. These state-of-the-art synthesizers, coupled with our experienced peptide chemists, enable us to deliver our peptides quickly and in high quality (purity of 90-95% is typical). Most custom orders can be expected to be delivered in two to three weeks. Complete confidentiality of all orders is assured.

Because AnaSpec maintains its own facilities located in Fremont, CA, we are able to provide comprehensive oversight, to ensure we consistently meet our customer’s product specifications. AnaSpec is also proud to be Certified to ISO 9001:2008. All custom peptides are accompanied with MS and HPLC analyses. Additional analytical data (e.g., amino acid analysis, sequencing) are available upon.



Custom Dye Synthesis

Assay Development

AnaSpec provides custom assay development services to customers worldwide, including diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic researchers. AnaSpec’s scientists have extensive experience in synthesizing biological stains and bioconjugates. In addition, AnaSpec’s scientists can work with you to develop assays to meet your specific manufacturing and research needs. Listed below are the different custom assay development services we offer. Complete confidentiality of all orders is assured.


Custom Antibody Production

AnaSpec provides custom antibodies to customers worldwide, including researchers at universities and in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Since its inception in 1993, we have assisted researchers in the selection of epitopes and the production of numerous antibodies; we have the experience you can trust. Listed below are the different custom antibody production services we offer. Complete confidentiality of all orders is assured.

  • Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production
  • Custom Hybridoma Development and Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • Peptide-Carrier Protein Conjugation
  • Antibody Purification and Labeling

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • FDA
  • GMP

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