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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Formulation development and drug delivery, …
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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Formulation development and drug delivery, Marketing, Sales, PR and communication
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Key services


Aumgene Biosciences has fully equipped Biotech R&D facilities to offer a wide array of contract research services in the Biotech / life sciences space. The company also has pilot scale and production scale fermentation facilities with GMP compliant equipments and infrastructure to offer high quality contract fermentation services for research as well as contract manufacturing services. A brief description of the company’s R&D, Pilot and Production fermentation infrastructure is provided in the “facilities section” of this page.

The company’s high quality biotech infrastructure is backed by top quality scientific personnel. The company has a multidisciplinary team of qualified & experienced Research scientist, Engineers, Scientific managers and support staff with a strong track record in Biotech R&D and manufacturing space.


Contract Manufacturing Services


We presently offer contract fermentation & protein purification services for various products / applications. We can supply the fermentation product in purified or unpurified form & formulated or unformulated form (i.e. Bulk) as desired by the customer.

Below is a partial list of product categories for which we offer contract fermentation services;

Non-therapeutic Products

  • Industrial enzymes
  • Speciality enzymes
  • Biochemicals
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Biofertilizers
  • Biopesticides
  • Other non-therapeutic fermentation products.


Therapeutic Products

  • Biological neutraceuticals
  • Therapeutic Proteins.


We can also offer customized contract fermentation services based on customer need.

We also offer our fermenters on lease or for customers who need to take trial fermentation batches for generating product for further characterization. 


Contract Research Services


Aumgene offers a wide range of contract research services to Biotech, Life sciences and Pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad.

A partial list of contract research services that we offer:

  1. Microbial strain development & optimization for production of industrial and Speciality enzymes, Neutraceuticals (Probiotics and Prebiotics), Pharmaceutical intermediates, Biotransformation, Biochemicals, etc.
  2. Molecular cloning & Protein purification for expression of recombinant proteins for therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications.
  • Gene cloning
    Gene Synthesis:  Target gene will be isolated and codon optimization of the gene to suit the one in the expression system will be done to increase the expression level.
    Gene insertion:  Synthesized gene will be ligated in a suitable expression vector. Sequencing and restriction enzyme analysis will be done to verify the identity of the target gene.
  • Fermentation
    Selection of the highest producer by screening the positive clones will be done. Lab fermenter level production will be done.
    Depending on product and customer requirement pilot scale fermentation batches and production scale up services can also be offered. We presently have fermenters of following capacities (working volume);
    • 7 L
    • 20 L
    • 50 L
    • 100 L
    • 300 L
    • 500 L
    • 3000 L
  • Downstream processing & Purification
    Fermentation cell mass will be processed to carry out isolation and purification of the target proteins.
    For industrial proteins we can use Microfiltration or Ultrafiltration to get the desired protein concentration.
    For therapeutic proteins or for high protein purity requirements, purification will be done through column chromatography using wide range of columns.
    Refolding will be done using various techniques to achieve the correct conformation. [Optional]
    • Protein Characterization
      Physicochemical characterization of purified protein will be done by following techniques.
      • SDS-PAGE [Coomassie stained and Silver stained] 
      • Western Blot analysis [customer supplied antibodies needed].
      • Isoelectric Focusing 
      • Molecular Weight determination [SDS-PAGE and Mass Spectra]
      • Percentile purity by HPLC


      • Size Exclusion HPLC
      • Ion-Exchange HPLC  
      • Reverse Phase HPLC 
    • Peptide mapping 
    • N-terminal sequencing
    • CD-spectra analysis
    • Bioactivity

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