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BIO | OPTIONS provides human tissues and biological materials to researchers and scientists for molecular and genomic research. These high quality, well characterized biological specimens are available for drug and biomarker discovery, validation of drug targets and development of diagnostic tests and devices.

BIO | OPTIONS specializes in providing fresh tumor tissue, blood and other biological fluids delivered the same day or overnight for your studies. We collect specimens from virtually all disease states through our extensive network of physicians, hospitals, and clinical laboratories. All of our specimens are collected at facilities located in the United States in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and ethical guidelines. Collection facilities are located on the East and West coasts and Midwest.

The officers of BIO | OPTIONS consist of licensed physicians with extensive medical training and experience. This enables us to work directly with physicians and support staff to insure that collection protocols provide the high quality specimens needed for research without compromising patient care. Protocols are designed to work within the workflow of physician offices and hospital operating rooms so that specimens are timely processed and preserved and well characterized.

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