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  • Advice on funding

Do you need funding to finance your life sciences company? Our external financial experts are here to help – with detailed advice that is free of charge.

  • PressService

In cooperation with external PR professionals, we offer new business founders, entrepreneurs and scientists advice on PR and help with external communication.

Corporate database


Our corporate database provides an overview of companies, research institutes and institutions in the STERN BioRegion.

  • RegulatoryAffairs

In cooperation with external consultants, we offer entrepreneurs and new business founders in the life sciences industry free coaching on product approval.

  • JobPortal

Our job portal is a regional and highly industry-specific job market that more and more companies in the region are using to look for employees.


Advice on funding

Research and development activities in the biotech sector are complex, time-consuming and capital-intensive. Therefore, funding programmes are of great importance for new and young companies in this industry. In fact, they can have a crucial impact on the success or failure of a start-up. However, new entrepreneurs or researchers still working in academia usually have little experience in applying for funding and cannot assign employees to handle the applications for them.


This is why BioRegio STERN Management GmbH offers new business founders and entrepreneurs in the life sciences industry detailed funding advice. A framework agreement has been in place with external consultant Dr. Gerhard Wilhelm since 2008. He provides expert advice in the search for suitable funding programmes, checks funding applications in an initial consultation and provides important advice and guidance – on our behalf and at no cost to you. BioRegio STERN Management GmbH also regularly holds central consulting days – sometimes also by private appointment.


Be it venture capital or private equity financing, funding for biotech start-ups in Germany is currently in short supply. Investment in the biotech sector has fallen considerably in recent years. The situation has been exacerbated by the financial crisis. As a result, young companies are increasingly being faced with shortfalls in financing, particularly in the start-up phase, which is characterised by high costs, long development times and high risks.


This is why federal government, state and EU funding programmes are all the more important. These are geared towards new business founders and companies in the start-up phase with the aim of facilitating complex research and development projects and innovative approaches. But how can companies keep track of all the different programmes on offer? Which funding is right for a particular company? And how do new business founders with good ideas find funding?


The funding advice service of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH provides an overview of the funding available in Germany and Europe. This service is aimed at young scientists just starting out on their own, new business founders in the start-up phase and established companies interested in setting up an innovative R&D project with the aim of using new products to open up new markets. Dr. Gerhard Wilhelm, who worked for 16 years at Project Management Jülich on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), advising countless biotech companies and research institutes and coordinating and managing projects, is pleased to act on our behalf in offering advice on your funding options. He provides advice and guidance, checks your funding applications and offers support in the planning and application submission stages.


Our funding advice service has already helped numerous companies in the region successfully gain funding. After receiving funding advice, the founders of Cellendes GmbH, for example, were successful in applying for the EXIST Transfer of Research founder grant. The two founders, who are looking to launch a new technology for 3D cell culture, believe the advice they received was vital to the success of their business. The managing directors of CureVac GmbH took up the option of funding advice having founded their company at the end of 2000, because they were interested in gaining access to public funding to support their research into RNA-based cancer vaccines. Curetis AG is another success story. The company, which was founded in 2007 and is developing a new diagnostic technology platform for infectious diseases, recently secured EUR 20 million in its first round of financing. Co-founder Dr. Anne Thews still appreciates the advice they received during the start-up phase: “As a young company, the advice we received on funding was extremely helpful.”


Press service

Media presence is important for any company. Published at the right time and in the right medium, an article can often play a crucial role in establishing contact with potential cooperation partners, new customers or investors. However, smaller and newly founded companies often do not have their own press office and have little experience in dealing with journalists and editors. Many established SMEs could also do with a hand when it comes to PR work.


That is why BioRegio STERN Management GmbH offers entrepreneurs, new business founders and scientists in the life sciences industry in the STERN BioRegion a free press service. In cooperation with experienced PR professionals, we work with you to decide how best to communicate the opening of your company, the landing of a major new contract, the market launch of an innovative product or the successful conclusion of a financing round. Our PR professionals will draw up your press release, conduct an interview with you for publication on the BioRegio STERN website or write a detailed specialist article for trade magazines or life sciences portals.


Media presence is a crucial element in the marketing mix of newly founded companies and SMEs. For example, an article on your company can either be published in general interest media designed to attract the attention of a broad target group or in trade magazines with the aim of reaching specific interest groups. But which media should be used to publicise the various topics? How do I write a press release, how do I break down complex content so it is easy for the general public to understand, and how do I communicate successfully with representatives of the press? These kinds of questions are often too much for new business founders and entrepreneurs in the SME sector to handle. What's more, most do not have the time or resources for professional PR work in the start-up phase or in the early years of their company's existence.


Our press service is geared towards companies like these, as well as scientists and other players on the life sciences scene in the STERN BioRegion.In cooperation with a professional PR agency, we will help boost your media presence. Working with you and our external PR professionals, we will analyse which communication activities are best suited in your case, identify which goals can be achieved through PR work, and offer advice on how to handle media representatives.


The activities selected depend to a large extent on your requirements. General company news, such as the conclusion of a financing round or a cooperation agreement with a development parter, is published as a press release, while scientific news is offered to the trade press in the form of specialist articles written exclusively for them. With the number of visitor hits rising steadily, the website of BioRegio STERN itself is a medium that is gaining in importance as a communication channel on the region's life sciences scene. An interview with you published on our website attracts attention and encourages stronger regional networking.


The press service of BioRegio STERN was first offered in 2004 and is becoming increasingly popular. The response to the press releases we send out has grown strongly over the years. They are published regularly in numerous prestigious media, such as Handelsblatt, Financial Times Deutschland, Spiegel, VDI-Nachrichten and Wirtschaftswoche. However, these major national media do not have to be the target of all PR work. Trade magazines and regional media also reach interesting audiences.


Media presence is not just an important tool for boosting a company's public profile – the right information published in the right media often also paves the way to investors, customers and cooperation partners. That is why our press service is particularly beneficial for start-up companies. In the past, press releases published via the press service of BioRegio STERN have not only enabled young companies to raise their profile through reports in trade magazines or the daily press – they have also smoothed the way towards investors.



Research and development activities are the foundation on which companies in the life sciences industry are based. Companies of a very scientific and academic nature tend to neglect the issue of approval. However, it is crucial that manufacturers of gene therapy and cell- and tissue-based products turn their attention to regulatory requirements as early as possible. Approval is essential for gaining access to a market and can make the difference between a company's success or failure.


BioRegio STERN Management GmbH offers companies and new business founders in the life sciences industry in the region free coaching on all aspects of regulatory affairs. Two contacts at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH are available to answer your questions at regular consulting days and by appointment. Professor Christa Schröder and Dr Rainer Canenbley – two certified experts in the approval of medical products – also provide initial consulting on our behalf to check which regulatory requirements you need to meet and the best means of doing so. We support you in every phase of the product development process – from the very early stages, through the creation of documents for clinical studies and approval, to preparation for meetings with the authorities. All issues are, of course, treated with the utmost confidentiality.



As the life sciences industry continues to grow, biotech and medtech companies are looking to up their headcount accordingly. The JobPortal of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH is the ideal solution. More and more companies in the STERN BioRegion are turning to this regional and highly industry-specific JobPortal in their search for new staff. Our JobPortal is tailored to the requirements of technical specialists, managers and scientists in the life sciences industry and has become an important and popular job-search tool among the relevant target group.


To advertise a vacancy on the portal, all you have to do is send us your advert as a PDF or Word file. We'll publish the advert and link it with the company or institute profile in our corporate database and with your company's press releases and website. Your advert will be published online immediately on receipt and will remain active either for eight weeks or until the specified application deadline. This service is free of charge for you.The vacancies can be accessed in various online channels, such as RSS feeds and Twitter. Alternatively, you can manage your vacancies yourself. In this case, you'll be sent the requisite log-in details without delay.


Please note that our JobPortal is an industry-specific platform for life sciences vacancies. It is geared exclusively towards companies in the biotech, medtech, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the healthcare sector and consulting companies specialising in life sciences.


Biotechnology and medical technology are key technologies of the 21st century. High-tech companies in the life sciences industry develop highly complex products and are therefore heavily reliant on technical specialists. The fast pace of growth in the industry is intensifying the competition to recruit the best people. The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are typical of the medtech and biotech industry are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable employees. Institutions, such as research institutes, or authorities active in the life sciences industry are also highly dependent on technical specialists.


It is therefore all the more important that such companies and institutions ensure their job vacancies reach the right target groups. Against this background, many local companies indicated to BioRegio STERN Management GmbH that there was great interest in a dedicated platform exclusively for vacancies in the life sciences industry. We launched our JobPortal in 2007 as a direct result of these requests.


Managers and HR staff at companies and institutes in the region can publish their vacancies here. The JobPortal offers a number of benefits in the search for life sciences specialists. Incorporated into the website of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, the JobPortal is sure of a high hit rate. What's more, the visitors to our website are a highly select target group comprising primarily scientists, specialists and managers in the life sciences industry. The JobPortal is therefore an exclusive career platform that has become an important tool for companies and institutions in the region.


Education and training in life-science-related disciplines is a prominent focal point of the STERN BioRegion. Therefore, the regional focus of the JobPortal is an important factor for companies: “The JobPortal provides us with the perfect platform for addressing applicants in the local region,” says Slavica Stevanovic-Heck, Manager Human Resources at CureVac GmbH. The JobPortal enjoys an excellent reputation in the local network. In addition to its function for advertising vacancies, many companies see the JobPortal as a useful marketing tool for raising their profile in the region.

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