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Biospecitve have developed sophisticated, integrated multi-modality platforms to maximize the sensitivity for detection of subtle structural, functional, and molecular changes in response to treatment for a comprehensive understanding of therapeutic efficacy.  Our diverse range of services provides our pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors with an unparalleled ability to assess novel therapeutic agents in a comprehensive fashion.


We offers pathology services including a wide range of histology & immunohistochemistry (IHC) stains in multiple species. We have developed a state-of-the art technology to provide an efficient and accurate IHC marker quantification facilitating the validation of novel disease-modifying therapeutic agents . Conventional quantitative IHC analysis relies on manual or semi-automated segmentation of a few representative, high-power fields.  This labor-intensive process is prone to operator variabilitiy and low sampling, thereby introducing unwanted bias. In contrast, Biospective employs its fully-automated, unbiased, and high-throughput technology to accurately quantify IHC markers. 


Biospective utilizes a broad range of imaging modalities to assess the therapeutic potential of novel disease-modifying agents in rodent. We have developed state-of-the-art software to accurately co-register in vivo MRI and 3D quantitative neuropathology measures.  Biospective adheres to internationally-accepted practices to ensure the highest possible quality, integrity, and reliability of our studies. Our pre-clinical studies are conducted in the spirit of GLP and clinical studies follow ICH GCP principles.

Biospective performs advanced image processing in human for a broad range of imaging modalities, namely, PET, structural MRI, and functional MRI imaging studies.  Only Biospective bridges the gap between pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. Our expert team of scientists works closely with our clients to design mechanism-of-action and efficacy studies that increase the chances of success. 

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