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Since 1993, C/D/N Isotopes Inc. has provided its customers with superior quality and exceptional service. Researchers in all branches of science and medicine, from around the world, depend on C/D/N Isotopes as the company for deuterium labelled compounds.

We currently have more than 3000 products in stock. As a result, we are able to ship most products within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of order. In fact, 98% of our orders are filled from stock.

The majority of the products listed on this website are manufactured exclusively by C/D/N Isotopes. Over the years, we have developed and expanded our expertise in the preparation of deuterated compounds. As a result, we are continuously adding new products — there are more than 200 new products which have been added since our 2010-2011 catalog. Please check our “New Products” listing as we regularly add more products.

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