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Welcome to DiaTech Oncology, a clinical pathology laboratory whose knowledgeable physicians, technical staff and experienced management team are working to help oncologists and their patients deal with the devastating effects of cancer. This web site will acquaint you with DiaTech Oncology and provide you with information about our company outlook and two major types of clinical services we offer to our clients: patient specific anticancer drug sensitivity testing and diagnostic hematopathology. In both these areas, DiaTech Oncology is committed to the highest corporate and medical standards. We work to accurately diagnose the disease and to arm the physicians with effective tools capable of eliminating a patient’s cancer cells or keeping tumor cells under effective control. Ultimately, the DiaTech Oncology goal is to help physicians prolong their patient’s life and improve its quality. That means being a true partner with patients and physicians in establishing an accurate diagnosis and finding the most effective means to treat the disease.

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