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North America, Asia
Singapore, United States
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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
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Key services



Expert Solutions

Our global service platform gives you access to experienced consultancy in all areas of coloration and finishing technology – right on your doorstep. Our services include auditing, problem-solving, productivity improvement and the introduction of innovative new technologies.

Your benefits:
Expert technical consulting

  •      Available to both retailers and textile mills
  •      Optimize your profitability by improving efficiency
  •      Minimize consumption of resources e.g. water and energy
  •      Reliable advice on the best available textile processing technology
  •      Improved product quality
  •      More efficient and reliable vendor base
  •      Shorter lead times and more reliable supply

Expert academy training

  •      Competitively-priced training
  •      Standard or customized modules
  •      Seminars held in your language at your location

Mill accreditation program

  •      We can help you find the right partners in the textile supply chain
  •      Based on your specific criteria (quality level, location, ecological requirements, article segment)

Color Solutions

Color Solutions International is the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools. 


Color Solutions International, a member of the DyStar group (the leading solutions provider in the textile industry), provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services. Our expert staff will create, manage and distribute your color standards. Additionally, our global DyStar Textile Services team offers a variety of additional services such as consultancy and training, expert solutions, textile testing, testing solutions and ecology solutions.


Testing Solutions

DyStar service centers offer you eco, physical, chemical and color fastness testing using all international test methods. Our new subsidiary Texanlab is a leading partner in eco testing, certified to ISO 17025 and an accredited partner for international brands and retailers. Our service lab in Frankfurt, Germany is also certified to ISO 17025 and offers a wide range of analytical and eco testings.


Your benefits:
Physical, chemical and color fastness tests

  •      Rapid and reliable testing by experts at competitive cost
  •      Tests using all international test methods
  •      Analysis of defects and quality improvement recommendation

Ecological testing

  •      Quality testing of fabrics, garments, leather, dyes and auxiliaries
  •      Comprehensive list of tests (e.g. presence of banned amines, heavy metals, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, NPEOs/OPEOs, PCBs,  PCP, TBT/DBT and many others)
  •      Guidance regarding conformity to ecological parameters

Corrective action

  •      Problem-solving technical support on your doorstep
  •      Avoids costly delays

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • ISO 9001/2000
  • ISO 17025

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