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Medical Devices
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eData - IT - software, Warehousing, storage, sampling, logistics and transport, …
Service category
eData - IT - software, Warehousing, storage, sampling, logistics and transport, Partnering/collaboration for drug dossiers, patents, drug candidates, medical technology
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Key services


Mobile Computing

Data-handling - safe and flexible!

For our Mobile Computing division, which includes our main product the i.roc® x20, this is more than a philosophy.

Data-handling - compile, transfer and manage data any time and any place.
Safe - suitable for use inside and outside the Ex-area.
Flexible - flexible adaptation to customer requirements.

Try our mobile solutions for yourself!


Explosion Proof Equipment

Your safety is our main priority. With this philosophy in mind, ecom instruments GmbH is explosion proof and a global market leader in the field of intrinsically safe mobile appliances, produced especially explosion proof cell phone and equipment for use in hazardous area. There are a number of esteemed companies from all over the world belonging to our customer base – ranging from pharmaceutical industries, mining and the petrochemical industry to name a few.

Let ecom instruments GmbH assist with all of your mobile cell phone communication needs - intrinsically safe and flexible! Our line of mobile cell phone and computing explosion proof products ensures that your cell phone equipment is intrinsically safe and protected for use in a hazardous area. While you are able to stay connect with your mobile computing devices, you will be protected with our intrinsically safe, explosion proof cell phone and equipment.

Intrinsically Safe Cell Phones

Exchanging information within the company is one of the key elements of day-to-day operations. Flexible and safe explosion proof communication equipment over long distances should be ensured in extreme, hazardous area. We take safety and flexibility to the next level. All of our products are specially engineered to withstand all types of hazardous area conditions and provides explosion proof cell phone and equipment that is intrinsically safe and explosion proof. Our focus is always on the safety of employees while working and the constant availability of communication networks, especially in a hazardous area and emergency situations.

The Communication division offers you the right explosion proof cell phone and equipment to ensure intrinsically safe and unrestricted movement in hazardous area. Try out our intrinsically safe, explosion proof cell phone and equipment for use in a hazardous area!


Measurement & Calibration


This is our utmost priority when it comes to measuring and calibration. We don't believe in compromise. This is also particularly evident with regard to safety. Do you know of any comparable tools?

Neither do we!


Portable Lighting

More light, more safety!

Our flashlights are rugged, light and safe. Immaterial whether you opt for a metal or plastic housing, or if you choose LED or halogen technology, the materials and components used are carefully selected to achieve optimum performance.

Try it for yourself!

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • DIN-ISO 9001
  • 1999/92/EC
  • 94/9/EC
  • TIIS
  • IEC

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