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Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, …
Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, Animal Medicines, Cosmeceuticals
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Consulting Services

An experienced Entelos team of scientists and engineers is available to help apply our patented physiological mechanistic modeling approach to therapeutic or product development decisions. Our consultants work collaboratively with internal customer experts, to impose efficiency on an overall R&D budget by quantifying  the impact of biological uncertainty on clinical programs. Entelos’ project teams have the biological and technical expertise, and the practical industry experience to design in silico experiments. These will increase the number of possible options to resolve roadblocks to success, and lend confidence to vital process decisions.


Licensed Software

Different software packages are available for licensing so that organizations can simulate the in vivo effects of pharmaceutical and consumer products currently under development with the speed and safety of in silico tools. A PhysioLab® license is ideal for firms with in-house in silico modeling research teams in place.

Viewing software is also available to examine results, analyze experimental design, study a given system’s physiological representation, or access reference links.

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