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Custom-Plex Assay Services

Eve Tech's custom-plex assay services allow you to choose your targets from the widest analyte list available and multiplex your selected targets together in a single assay. We efficiently run assays for research projects both big and small. Not only do we place our client's data in their hands quickly with a turn-around-time of 5-15 business days, we also do it at an unbeatable price. With our experience, we save you the hassle of the learning-curve allowing you to focus on the tasks beyond the assay. Simply choose your target analytes and then click on "Request a Quote" to learn how you can save thousands of dollars and start achieving your research goals faster.

1.       You choose your analytes and request a quote.

2.       We work for you to select the best kit options that fit your research needs and budget.

3.       We present you with a quote that includes everything required to get you the results you need.

4.       We order the customized kits for you with our purchasing power upon receiving a purchase order or payment.

5.       You send us your Eve Tech Custom-Plex Assay Service Order Form and your samples.

6.       We conduct the assay and send you the quantified results in an easy-to-read format. 


Discovery Assay® - The World's Most Affordable Cytokine Arrays

Discovery Assay is a new assay concept that offers biomedical researchers and drug discovery programs cost-effective and hassle-free assay services on multiplex arrays. Ideal for generating fully quantified results for targets such as cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors (up to 65 targets), Discovery Assays accommodate human, mice and rat samples. Unlike many assays, the Discovery Assay ensures you only pay for the number of wells you require by having a low fixed price per sample. Whether you require results on a single sample or a thousand, the Discovery Assay can accommodate your needs while increasing your productivity and decreasing your costs. All that you need is your samples and you can get quantified results from a cytokine array or other array for only $0.95 per sample per analyte. It's that simple.

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