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Microbial Testing

Food & Drink

There is an obligation on the part of food producers and retailers to ensure that food is safe for consumption. Geneius provides state-of-the-art test services for an extensive range of food borne micro-organisms including pathogens and spoilage organisms. We also understand that speed is everything in the food industry. When asked, most technical/QC managers show a desire for the introduction of Geneius-style testing methods that are more advanced than traditional/current methods*.

So, we have developed several unique Geneius rapID® tests. The first to market, aimed at Listeria, allows confirmation of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes within 4 hours of detection. The assay cuts analysis times from 5-6 days using traditional approaches, to just 3.5 days. The unique DNA-based test adopted is extremely sensitive (limit of detection is typically 2 bacteria in 25 g of food) and highly-

Swab Testing / Factory

The adoption of effective hygiene procedures during food processing is an essential element ensuring microbial safety.

According to EC Regulation No 852/2004; "food business operators shall ensure that all stages of production and distribution of food under their control satisfy the relevant hygiene requirements laid down in this Regulation"

Businesses need to implement hygienic practices during the processing of foods, cosmetics, probiotics and a number of other products, and the success of such practices is commonly monitored by taking appropriate microbial samples at various points in the production chain often using swab and/or water samples. These tests are used to detect the presence of micro-organisms that may pose a danger to public health.

To help you meet hygiene requirements Geneius offers a process hygiene microbial testing service that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Potable Water Testing

A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for the well-being of all, consequently there is need for the testing of water, air, soil, waste and other aspects of the environment. Water, for example, invariably contains a variety of micro-organisms derived from a variety of sources, such as soil and vegetation, and estimation of specific microbial contaminants provides vital information for the assessment and surveillance of water quality.

Legionella is of particular concern. A growing number of test samples are proving positive for Legionella pneumophila - the cause of Legionaires disease. In 2007, there were 540 recorded cases of Legionaires disease in England and Wales, with a mortality rate of 8% (and believed to be as high as 30% in 'sensitive' groups such as the elderly or infirm). The disease is most commonly associated with hot and cold water systems in large buildings such as hospitals, hotels and corporate headquarters. Hence the legal requirement for testing in some situations.

Geneius provides state-of-the-art test services for a wide range of water borne micro-organisms, including infectious disease agents such as Legionella. Our experts will also advise on methods for the sampling and detection of microbial contaminants in water and in the wider environment.


GMO Testing

Testing for bioengineered crops (i.e. Genetically Modified Organisms; GMOs) has become a necessity with the introduction of legislation to curb cultivation and trading in the 27 member states of the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand. Regulations in these regions (e.g. EU regulations 1829: 2003 and 1830: 2003) demand the clear labelling and traceability of foods and feeds containing GMOs beyond defined thresholds, with only some GMOs legal in specific regions.

The Geneius rapID® GMO test employs a PCR-based assay to deliver a highly sensitive and accurate means of detecting GMO contamination using a genetic element that is shared between virtually all commercialized GMOs. The test will work on most matrices.

Our contract R&D team can also work with you to help dissect complex GMO challenges, and assist with the development of custom tests.


Contract R&D Services

  • Speak directly to our internationally-respected research team
  • Discuss your requirements/ambitions and let our experienced staff (more than 100 years combined experience) to assist with the design of routine analysis programmes, find solutions to problems or pursue custom research project that meets with your needs and budget

Examples of projects recently completed:

  • Identification of extraordinary plant and microbial contaminants
  • Testing the efficacy of biocides
  • Development of customer-specific product authentification and QA methods
  • Supply chain analysis of microbial contaminants
  • Dissection of complex microbial populations e.g. biofilms, water samples, dairy samples, probiotic mixes)
  • Visualization of microbial contaminants via Electron Microscopy
  • Dissection of complex GMO contamination issues


Nutritional Testing

We are well positioned to deliver nutritional analyses on a wide range of food, feeds, drinks and raw materials. With over 20 years' experience, our UKAS accredited partner has serviced many major brands with nutritional analyses on a range of matrices.

Food labelling requirements commonly require either Group 1 analyses (occasionally referred to as Category 1 or 'big 4' analyses) or Group 2 analyses (occasionally known as Category 2 or 4+4 analyses or full nutritional analysis). All our tests can be dovetailed to meet with your analytical requirements.

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