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Europe, North America, …
Europe, North America, South America, Asia
Argentina, India, …
Argentina, India, United Kingdom, United States
Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, …
Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, Generics
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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Sourcing of APIs, Excipients, Intermediates, bulk drugs
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The company aims to be a global integrated Generic and API leader. The Company currently markets finished dose formulations in USA, Europe, and Argentina and has Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) presence in over 80 countries through an established group of subsidiaries, marketing front-ends and offices in India and select overseas locations. GGL has a strong base in Formulation development with teams operating out of laboratories in India and Argentina. The Company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Goa, India that has been inspected by US FDA, TPD (Canada), MHRA, UK and many other overseas regulatory authorities. GGL also markets over 45 APIs to more than 80 countries across the world and had over 35 USDMFs filed and/or approved along with several DMFs in Canada and Europe. Glenmark’s API division possesses strong, dedicated process research capabilities and a dedicated team of scientists equipped with the best analytical tools and a sophisticated information centre. Currently, the company has three API manufacturing plants in India of which its plant at Ankhleshwar has been inspected by USFDA and several other international regulatory bodies.

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