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Training and education, Partnering/collaboration for drug dossiers, patents, drug candidates, medical technology
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The HORIBA Medical Segment designs, develops and distributes worldwide, in vitro diagnostic systems mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories. These automated analyzers meet the needs of various users including patients, doctors, private laboratories, clinics and university hospitals. HORIBA expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology worldwide and contribute today to the health of tomorrow.


HaemCell: “Just What U need”

The HaemCell solution is the Horiba Medical Integrated solution for the EDTA tube. Today, laboratories have strong requirements in productivity with the best Turn-around-time at a controlled cost. In addition, laboratories need to be flexible regarding the volume of workload that is non-linear throughout the day while integrating their process into the accreditation and quality assurance requirements.

Hematology differs from other diagnostic activities by having specific needs and constraints. In order to create value, it is therefore mandatory to include these needs into a process that re-invents the workflow. HORIBA Medical offers a unique solution centered around a smart data management and automation. We create a customized solution that allows you to become productive and flexible while developing quality.


HORIBA Medical is now developing a new technology which will provide a significant improvement in differentiating blood cells. Future instruments will be able to combine this technology with a rapid analysis rate, responding to the needs for precision and productivity of major laboratories in the most developed countries.

Extension of the Clinical Chemistry offer

2004 marked a major step in positioning the Medical segment in this market with the launch of the Pentra 400, the first automated Clinical Chemistry analyzer designed by HORIBA  Medical. The offer will be completed with the addition of new analyzers adapted to the needs of hospitals and private laboratories.



Consulting Service

Since 1956, DoctorsManagement has helped physicians with practice management in all specialties and in virtually every state across America. With our help, you become free to concentrate on your life's work AND your life outside of work, as well.
HORIBA Medical Diagnostics, Inc. is pleased to partner with “Doctors Management”, bringing to our customers additional services and expertise in the area of laboratory compliance. DoctorsManagement provides a wide range of services to ensure that the physician’s office meets current governmental and regulatory requirements which ensures seamless administration of technical services and higher levels of patient care. They ensure on-site compliance with OSHA, HIPAA, and CLIA regulations.

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