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State-of-the-Art R&D Platform and Facility

Our research and development operations are carried out at our R&D facilities in Shanghai's Zhangjiang High-tech Park, which total 5,000 m² including a 600 m² China-certified animal facility which has received full AAALAC International Full Accreditation. The in-house pharmaceutical research facilities include specialized equipment for most aspects of drug research and development.
We have developed drug discovery technologies, including molecular and cell biology, high throughput screening, genomics and informatics, to enable and support our research and development projects.  Multiple proprietary drug discovery platforms have been created. These include gene-targeted and cell-based screening assays, ligand-dependent screening assays and signal transduction pathway screening assays in addition to conventional cytotoxicity, protein assays and enzymatic assays, receptor tyrosine kinase assays, primary cell culture assays, recombinant DNA technologies, gene-chip technologies, recombinant protein expression technologies, and retroviral-mediated gene transfer technologies.

Botanical candidate screening is being expanded to include upfront assays in addition to cytotoxicity for cancer and chemokines/gene regulators/enzymes for inflammation. The semi-synthetic candidate R&D activity aims to identify active components of natural products that are amenable to chemical modifications. This semi-synthetic research activity is generally intended to be an extension of existing botanical drug candidate research. In addition, synthetic single chemical entity approaches against clinically validated targets for cancer and autoimmune diseases are under development.

Our research and development team includes Western-trained former research executives of international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as advisory committees including highly reputable members of the medical community in the US and China in the fields of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, oncology, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and antiviral treatments.
Our regulatory and clinical team, as well as our network of world-renowned advisers and clinical research organizations, enable us to design protocols and conduct clinical trials in  the US, Europe, Australia and China.

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