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Pirouette® for Windows

Comprehensive Chemometrics Modeling Software

Pirouette 4.5, our most comprehensive chemometrics package, is designed specifically for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Modeling and prediction tools for data exploration, pattern recognition, property correlation, and mixture analysis methods are implemented in a single program.


Pirouette® Lite for Windows

Exploratory, Classification or Regression Modeling Software

If your application for chemometrics is limited to only exploratory data analysis or does not require classification or regression modeling, Pirouette Lite (Version 4.0) enables you to have the power of the Pirouette environment at a lower price point.



Automation of Chemometrics Predictions

InStep 3.5 is a Visual Basic client that is a compliment to Pirouette for automating predictions. It uses a Watched folder approach to sample handling: whenever a data file of appropriate type is delivered to the watched folder, InStep immediately processes the sample and generates a report. InStep allows hierarchical prediction strategies; functioning example methods included with the package demonstrate method concepts.



Software for Alignment of Chemical Analysis Profiles

LineUp 3.5 is an alignment utility for chromatographic and spectroscopic data. Using a multivariate correlation method, LineUp will adjust a chromatogram's retention axis to more closely resemble that of a target, and can thus adjust for variations in column loading, column aging and changes in flow.



Infometrix Product Access Kit

The Infometrix Product Access Kit is a bundle of chemometric algorithms, preprocessing routines and transformations that can be called from any software or application environment.

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