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Custom synthesis

Whom: ISOCHEM serves a broad range of customers in many application fields, from leading global companies to virtual and emerging organizations.

What: ISOCHEM offers GMP and non GMP industrial exclusive custom synthesis and provides tailor made services that range from development to production, including route selection, process and analytical development as well as process optimization.
Based on its expertise and know-how, ISOCHEM synthesizes your fine chemicals, advanced intermediates, active ingredients and functional ingredients.

When: ISOCHEM manages the entire lifecycle of your product from early concept, development stages, registration to commercial launch and mature market supply.
ISOCHEM delivers substantial improvements in manufacturing and creates additional value by reducing capital and operating costs.

Why: ISOCHEM is a world-class contract manufacturing company with a broad technology platform and versatile industrial capacities. Supported by ISOCHEM customized project and quality management, you have a unique control over all the steps of your project.

Who: ISOCHEM's skilled teams with extensive track records are eager and organized to support your project and answer promptly any enquiries or requests you may have.


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