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Klocke Pharma-Service GmbH

In Appenweier, fixed pharmaceutical forms are developed and manufactured. The product range consists of granules, tablets, film tablets, sugar-coated tablets and hard capsules.

Appenweier has large and modern machinery for manufacturing seal-edge bags – more than 1 000 tons per annum, with up-to-date machinery, capacity for filling tablets and hard capsules in bottles/boxes in high capacity as well as the possibility of manufacturing stick-packs and filling tins with powder.

The research and development department with around 30 staff members (as of June 2008) focuses on asking analytical questions regarding the galenical development and transfer of production et cetera in the pharmaceutical service, especially the testing of galenic samples, stability testing, development and validation of methods and other instructed analysis.

The equipment covers among other things, eight HPLC plants, four emission devices (of which three are equipped with UV flow measurement) and one gas chromatograph. A large walk-in climatic chamber with a constant temperature of 25°C was installed to contain stability. Not only do we offer full-service development with accompanying production but we also offer a limited development service for products that are not manufactured by us.
A department dealing with commercial issues and production coordination guarantees that our esteemed partners are always at the disposal of our clients.



It's always a good idea to be ahead of the pack, and that is exactly the philosophy of the KLOCKE group. Apart from that, the group delivers a full house of services, flexibility and constant advancement, in terms of manufacturing technology and packing systems in the area of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.     

    The KLOCKE group can react quickly to the requirements of the market. The plant equipment with the most modern machinery and options are the most suitable requirements for this.
Over the years, our individual companies have worked on several patents and protection rights. These form a substantial part of our know-how.

This is also true of developing our own packaging machinery, also for large-scale projects to develop manufacturing technologies, which is not done for outside institutions.



Klocke Pharma-Service in Appenweier specialises in galenical and analytical development.

We produce the following medicinal products in Appenweier:
Powder products, granules and extrudate, tablets, film tablets and sugar-coated tablets.
Hard capsules are filled at plants with the highest technical standard.



In this company, we pack solid and fluid pharmaceuticals in thermo-form and aluminium blister packs.
We also manufacture folding boxes, folding paper boxes, seal blisters in cards and develop custom-made packaging appropriate to your product. We also manufacture special packaging.

In the area of pharmaceuticals, the packaging of medicinal products almost exclusively takes up an area of 18,000 m².
Furthermore, on a total production area of 7,000 m², 14 modern packaging lines and five individual machines are at our disposal. The production space meets the highest GMP requirements and was recently completely restored and renovated.

Other services


Sample Manufacturing:
    As a specialist for innovative foil packaging KLOCKE possesses its own laboratory for the production of samples, whether for your marketing or for dependable storage.
Each production run requires an assessment of the product to be bagged, with regard to fluidity, capacity for filling and compatibility with the film selected, for example, or the determination of a usable film.     

    Foil Development:
    Together with standard films which are used in production, films and film combinations are tailor-made for special requirements for a specific product.
For example, special solutions which we have created are the “Sterylkit” (First Aid Kit), you can see as an animation at the right or “Spot on” for direct application of animal medications, and membrane diffusion packaging.     

    Product Development:
    Our product design and engineering team is involved with each new product development as regards the design of the packaging, the construction of the sample tools and the production tools.     

    Tool Construction:
    Format parts can be provided in short production runs in our own workshop.     

    Hand Packaging:
    We can provide individual end packaging of your products, even if, for example, low quantities would make end packaging by machine appear uneconomical.


Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • GMP

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