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Key services


Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow & Containment

Our partnership with NuAire and its’ commitment to quality and innovation enables us to provide a full line of premier Biological Safety Cabinets for BioSafety Level  I, II and III containment. Ergonomically designed and engineered, the NuAire BioSafety Cabinets offer the highest level of protection to the researcher, the product and the environment making them an industry leader in biological safety and laminar flow.


Cell Culture Equipment

Tissue Culture methods require a clean, safe environment for both researchers and cell lines. Providing this to our customers is important to us and has been part of our standard requirements when selecting product offerings. We specialize in a full line of premier, innovative Cell Culture Equipment for any tissue culture application in a variety of laboratory environments. These equipment solutions provide for the safe and proper cultivation, incubation and preservation of cells.


Clinical Lab and Medical Office

When in the business of capturing accurate clinical information for patient treatment, public health matters such as bioterrorism or for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, there is nothing more important than having reliable, safe and durable equipment for performing these crucial tasks in the laboratory.

Cold Storage Products

Preserving and insuring the viability of samples, vaccines and reagents is a major concern of research/ clinical laboratories worldwide.    The requirements for doing so can be as simple as storing small quantities of individual sample vials or tubes in a single freezer or refrigerator or as complex as housing a variety of samples or vaccines in large quantities within a custom cold room.  The LABREPCO Futura line of refrigeration can accommodate any clinical or laboratory storage requirement in temperatures ranging from +4°C refrigerators, -20°C freezers, -86°c ultra low temp freezers to cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen at -196°C for indefinite storage.  All of our units are designed and constructed with state of the art engineering and materials to ensure maximum sample protection and superior reliability which in some cases exceeds FDA qualifications and validations for the pharmaceutical industry and CDC requirements for proper vaccine storage.


Freeze Drying and Chemistry Applications

Chemistry has historically been named “the central science” because it is viewed as the connection between other sciences such as biology, pharmacology and bioinformatics. Chemists study the interaction of matter by stimulating two substances utilizing a process which creates a chemical reaction between them. This reaction or transformation can be small and release very little energy or it can be large and very energetic. Protocols for such experiments must be conducted safely and properly to ensure accurate results and the highest level of protection for the researcher. Providing equipment that offers protection and helps ensure accurate results to the researcher is important to us. Our full line of laboratory fume hoods and enclosures remove unwanted fumes and gases from the laboratory work environment and protect their operators. In addition, we offer a full line of Water Purification Systems, Analytical and Precision Scales and Balances, Glassware Washers, Freeze Dryers and a variety of items for the safe storage of chemicals either refrigerated or at ambient temperatures.

Freezer Racks and Inventory Systems

LABREPCO provides the highest quality inventory management systems on the market today. Our freezer racks are for use in laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, low temperature freezers, LN2 freezers and any application where sample organization is required.


General Lab Equipment & Instruments

We offer an extensive line of high-quality, general lab equipment consisting of mixers, centrifuges, pipettes, stirrers and much more. These products feature user-friendly controls and rugged construction, while providing affordable solutions to complete any lab.


Lab Animal Science / Vivarium Research

The proper care and well being of laboratory animals is of top concern among researchers and animal caregivers today. Choosing the right equipment to provide unsurpassed protection to the animals and the individuals conducting the research, as well as providing ergonomic benefits, is an important decision discussed in many laboratories. Concerns regarding adherence to decontamination guidelines, proper ventilation, allergen control and safety are all components of the evaluation process and are extensively examined. LABREPCO takes all of these concerns into consideration when helping you choose the best solutions for your Vivarium. Over the past few years, LABREPCO has developed a full product offering of the most innovative equipment to house, handle and care for animals and protect the researcher.


Laboratory Furniture and Storage

Maximizing productivity is an important task for Lab Managers. To accomplish this they must ensure that the lab is a well organized, safe environment for employees as well as having the ability to meet any future demands of the laboratory. You need to conduct your research in comfort while having the ability to access tools quickly from organized, safe storage. Our mobile and fixed line of Laboratory Furniture Solutions provides the desired durability, flexibility and comfort that enable laboratory researchers to effectively complete studies while also providing the flexibility to meet new challenges in the laboratory. This product offering is anchored in our flagship line of Metro Laboratory Furniture and Storage Solutions. From laboratory carts, shelving, tables and storage systems all Metro products offer a mobile, flexible and versatile solution. Complimenting these products is our full line of high quality Biofit laboratory chairs and stools. Biofit ergonomic laboratory seating is designed to help eliminate the growing amount of back injuries suffered by researchers by providing comfort and support while you perform seated experiments and diagnostic work. We will consult with you to configure the correct laboratory seating depending on the work area and laboratory requirements. Our product offering also includes a variety of Storage Cabinets for hazardous materials such as Acid and Flammable products. We specialize in both standard and custom furniture storage solutions along with a speciality polypropylene furniture product for corrosive environments. If your needs require a more custom solution our Storage Solutions Specialist will assist you in designing a system that will work most effectively for you.

Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomics

Our desire to better understand the researcher’s needs while acquiring new knowledge about the changing dynamic of the life science marketplace has allowed our business to include a comprehensive line of Molecular Biology Products. These products have demonstrated themselves to be of the highest quality and performance in the market and have aided researchers in their quest to unlock the mysteries behind the interactions of DNA and RNA, the human genome and the causes of many diseases and afflictions that plague our population. Included in our molecular biology product portfolio is a full line of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis systems with the associated reagents, Biometra Thermal Cyclers for the amplification of DNA in PCR applications, Spectrophotometers, Hybridization Ovens and a variety of laboratory plastics.


New Lab Setup

LABRepCo offers a turnkey program for the laboratory construction and renovation marketplace. Through the efforts of our dedicated Project Estimator we coordinate directly with Architects, Lab Planners and Engineers during all phases of construction. Many firms hired to design and or build a laboratory have little or no experience in this highly specialized area and LABRepCo can provide access to unique and delicate equipment that meets specifications and fills a gap that can be difficult to fill. LABRepCo provides experienced advice and access to the requisite purchasing, placement, validation, installation and training on equipment as well as facility planning consultation.


Plastics, Consumables & Miscellaneous

We offer a large array of cost-effective plastics, consumables and miscellaneous items for applications in cryogenics, pipetting, centrifugation and much more. These dependable, high-quality products are designed to withstand demanding laboratory environments, making them ideal for any lab.

Washing and Sterilization

Among the many functions performed in any laboratory, probably the most important and yet unglamorous task is that of decontaminating, washing and sterilizing. Whether you are protecting personnel or experimentation, laboratory washers and sterilizers are vital for safety and the performance of aseptic techniques. LABREPCO carries an array of renowned products in this category from Lancer general and cGMP glassware washers to Getinge autoclaves and sterilizers. There is no limit to the safety and government compliant features of these products. Additionally, we offer state of the art animal care washers for vivarium applications as well as Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) decontamination equipment and services.

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