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Life Science Products, Inc.

North America
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Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices
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GLP services, Warehousing, storage, sampling, logistics and transport
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Ceiling Systems

LSP offers an expansive line of ceiling products for your ceiling finish needs. We offer the traditional high gloss resin option from Seamless Technologies for high performance epoxy coatings as well as the newer 100% solids urethane coatings. Both coating systems are seamless and offer durable options for coated systems.

If conventional ceiling coating systems just do not work for your facility, we offer several fiberglass options for your review. The fiberglass options are known as GridLock™ Construction Systems and include both fiberglass suspended ceilings as well as hard fiberglass ceilings.

Seamless Flooring

Seamless flooring has been an integral part of our business since 1979. Our focus in this market has been within the Biomedical Research Industry extending from basic research to pharmaceutical production. By designing systems targeted to specific applications, financial expenditure for flooring can be optimized and life cycle cost of the floor can be minimized.

LSP offers a large variety of flooring systems for diverse applications. Those represented here are commonly used in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and research industries. Other applications include standard or custom systems for manufacturing and assembly, warehouse, food service, computer, lavatory, and many other situations.

Projects are treated on an individual basis with considerations for the use of the floor, current or potential concerns, chemical and physical stresses, budget and other criteria. Experience in this industry has given LSP unique understanding and strength, leading to the recognition that no one flooring "system" is ideal for an entire facility.

Sani-Rail® Wall and Door Protection

Maintaining finished surfaces that withstand the scrutiny required for GLP and GMP facilities can be a costly budgetary consideration. The Sani-Rail system of wall and door products guards against surface impact and thereby reduces maintenance costs. These products are custom designed for EACH project. They offer protection as well as aesthetic enhancement to wall and door surfaces.

Specialty Fabrication

Experience in the biomedical, research and pharmaceutical industry has allowed us to develop specialty products to meet the industries unique needs, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency and organization.

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