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Center for Clinical and Translational Research

The clinical and translational research community at MMCRI is a closely-linked, multi-disciplinary scientific enterprise in which basic, clinical and translational investigators plan and conduct studies as collaborators and scientific colleagues. With the tripod of research, education and patient care as the center of our endeavor, forging the interdisciplinary divide between clinical, translational, and basic research.


Laboratory analysis, research consultation and coordination of services offered by MMCRI core laboratories are available through Clinical and Translational Research Laboratory Services (CTRLS). The mission of CTRLS is to provide laboratory and consulting services to clinicians and scientists for the timely and productive completion of clinical and translational research projects.  The specific aims of the laboratory are to: 1) mentor clinicians and scientists in the design, development and implementation of laboratory testing for research projects,  2) conduct laboratory testing and analysis of human and animal biological samples which result in accurate and reproducible data suitable for publication and grant submission  3) coordinate services offered by core facilities at MMCRI and external resources as needed for project completion.

The laboratory is staffed by three Research Associates with greater than 50 years of combined experience in clinical and research laboratory science with a concentrated focus on assay development and validation.  The CTRLS currently serves clients from major academic and research institutes throughout the United States including Harvard Medical School, UCSF, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University and Oregon State University. 

The laboratory primarily performs immunoassays on human and mouse samples for analytes of bone formation and resorption such as P1NP, osteocalcin, and Trap 5b.  Laboratory tests are also offered for the analysis of cell proliferation, cell death, cell signaling, oxidative stress, inflammation, hematopoiesis and bone metabolism.  The laboratory also works closely with the Clinical Trials Unit at MMCRI and provides sample collection, processing shipping and storage services for clinical investigators at Maine Medical Center.

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