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Europe, North America, …
Europe, North America, Asia, Worldwide
Mexico, United Kingdom, …
Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, United States
Human Medicines, Generics, …
Human Medicines, Generics, Medical Devices
Service category
Pharmaceutical process development and validation, GCP audit services, …
Service category
Pharmaceutical process development and validation, GCP audit services, Quality management services, Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO, eData - IT - software, Regulatory services - CMC writing - medical writing, Pharmacovigilance and QPPV services, Consulting - strategy and development, Marketing, Sales, PR and communication, Partnering/collaboration for drug dossiers, patents, drug candidates, medical technology
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MakroCare is a world class drug development and commercialization partner for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Our experience, programs and processes bring a new dimension to development strategy, regulatory, clinical research, market access/expansion allowing our clients to incorporate an information strategy into the design and management of their programs.

MakroCare has operations and presence in US, UK, EU, and Asia. MakroCare is well positioned to meet the demands of the expanding product portfolio needs of our life sciences clients worldwide. We also understand the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

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