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Medical Writing Service - Dr. Hans-Joachim Kremer

Human Medicines
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Regulatory services - CMC writing - medical writing, Others
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Located in Germany, I am providing services in writing, editing, and proof-reading of any kind of document pertinent to clinical research and development. I have been working clinical R&D since 1988, since 1996 as medical writer, and since 2003 as freelance medical writer. Because of my long-standing experience with clinical issues in submission of drug files to authorities, I may also provide valuable advice regarding clinical development plans, principles of clinical trial protocols, analysis and reporting plans, SOPs, reporting of adverse drug reactions, claims in the SPC, responses to deficiency letters, as well as clinical study reports and publications. As hands-on writer, I have substantial knowledge of the dos'n'donts of the word-processing software. Hence, I am providing ad-hoc troubleshooting for Microsoft Office software files.

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