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DNA Sequencing

Microbial Identification based on gene sequencing has become the quintessential tool for microbiologists. For example, taxonomy found within the second edition of Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology is based on 16S rRNA gene sequence data.

MIDI Labs offers 16S and 28S gene sequencing for identification using Applied Biosystem's MicroSeq® system. As co-developer of MicroSeq's® microbial libraries, MIDI Labs has more experience than any other laboratory. This experience gives us the edge in resolving issues concerning sequencing and report interpretation.

In an effort to remain one step ahead of the competition MIDI Labs now uses Sherlock® DNA software for Sequencing data analysis. This analysis offers updated taxonomy, an expanded library and the ability to produce polyphasic reports.

Fatty Acid Analysis

Bacterial identification by fatty acid analysis holds many advantages. The technology is very accurate, has a high throughput, and the cost per sample is inexpensive. Additionally, fatty acid analysis is an effective tool for strain tracking, an advantage over genetic identification systems.

MIDI Labs offers fatty acid analysis using the MIDI Sherlock® Microbial Identification System - the only automated fatty acid analysis system available. With over 400 literature references from around the world to its credit, the Sherlock® System uses gas chromatography and sophisticated pattern recognition software to identify over 1,500 species of bacteria and yeast based on the unique fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) profiles of each strain.

MIDI Labs provides strain tracking

Polyphasic Analysis

Occasionally fatty acid analysis and DNA sequencing can individually yield ambiguous or no-match results for identification. In such cases polyphasic analysis - combined fatty acid and DNA sequencing analysis - can provide additional information and produce a definitive identification.

The key benefits of polyphasic analysis are:

  • Confirmation of a definitive match resulting from one technique.
  • Resolution of a non-match; a second technique can yield a definitive match in cases where the first technique gives no identification.
  • Resolution of an inconclusive match; a second technique can yield a definitive match in cases where the first technique gives multiple possible identifications.

MIDI Labs is the first laboratory to offer polyphasic analysis for microbial identification. With a combined phenotypic and genotypic approach, polyphasic analysis provides you with the most thorough and reliable results.

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • cGMP
  • FDA

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