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Nagase Co. & Ltd.

North America, Asia
Japan, United States
Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals
Service category
Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
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Key services


Colors & Imaging

Dyes/additives, functional color pigments, functional dyes, digital print processing materials, organic transparent conductive materials, dyestuffs, fiber processing agents


Performance Chemicals

Plastic materials, plastics and pigments, solvents, additives for paints and inks, urethane materials, plastic additives, flame retardants, polymer filters


Specialty Chemicals

Petrochemical products, raw materials for industrial oil solutions, surfactants and surfactant raw materials, personal care products, plating chemicals, electronics chemicals, fluorochemicals, raw materials for silicone and encapsulants, precision abrasive materials, hard disk-related materials and Nagase ChemteX Corp. products



Functional resins, general-purpose resins, auxiliaries, plastic products, plastic-related equipment, devices and moldings


Automotive Solutions

Functional resins, general-purpose resins, lightweight components, battery cell modules, rechargers, electronics components, auxiliaries, plastic-related equipment, devices and moldings


Polymer Products

Functional films and sheet, copolyester plastics, surface defect detection machines and plastic molding products


Electronic Chemicals

Formulated epoxy resins and related products, chemicals for production of semiconductors and liquid crystals, chemical management equipment for liquid crystal preprocessing and bump molding services through nonelectrolytic plating


Electronic Materials

Materials for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), electronic paper-related materials, optical film, processed glass products, back lights, LED chip-related materials and products and their assembling and mounting businesses


Fine Chemicals

Pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs]), intermediates, raw materials, formulations, excipients), in vitro diagnostics (bulks, instruments & kits), research products, medical equipment, agricultural chemicals (intermediates, bulks, formulations, submaterials), household insecticides (bulks, formulations), animal health products, enzymes, fermentation products, household goods (raw materials, products), functional food ingredients, health food materials, food additives, nutritional supplements, feed, and feed additives


Beauty Care Products

Cosmetics (including skin care counseling and facial care services) and health foods



The mission of the Nagase R&D Center is to develop a technology platform that backs up the Nagase Group's future business and to act as a driving force in maximizing business performance related to the life sciences. The Center will continue to energetically offer and provide the market with technological solutions.


1. Process development technologies

  • Develop production methods for unnatural amino acids by utilizing Maruoka Catalyst ™ (asymmetric phase-transfer catalyst)
  • Develop functional peptides utilizing chiral compounding technologies

2. Biotechnology (microorganisms, enzymes)

  • Identify new enzymes through a ready-to-use microorganism and genome library
  • Achieve highly efficient protein production by utilizing genetic engineering
  • Produce substances by utilizing enzymatic reaction technologies
  • Develop various chemicals by utilizing genetically modified microbes

3. Natural materials development and application technologies

  • Identify and evaluate new ingredients for health foods and cosmetics
  • Develop formulation methods for cosmetics and health foods

4. Drug discovery support technologies

  • Develop nucleic acid-related technology in cooperation with TAGCyx Biotechnologies
  • Develop applications for adhesamine derivatives in the field of regenerative medicine
  • Develop reagent for receptors in humans in the diagnostic and evaluation fields

5. Analysis and evaluation technologies

  • Analyze imported active pharmaceutical ingredients according to the Japanese Pharmacopeia in compliance with GMP standards and establish specifications

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