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Mass Spectrometry Services

NeoProteomics offers comprehensive mass spectrometry services from sample preparation to final report, either on-site in your environment or offsite in a secure facility. Neo has specific expertise in protein structural characterization, vaccine development and can develop niche analyses to help determine significant biological meaning to experimental data.

Neo employs proprietary methods to help manage workflows and has developed software to analyze data that is generated by highly-sensitive machines which greatly accelerates research and interpretation.

Proprietary Software Tools

NeoProteomics is engaged with partner companies to develop additional tools to help clients develop and validate structures of biologics quickly and cost-effectively. ProtModMS and ProtMapMS are proprietary software tools intended to assist in the automated structural analysis of biologic based drugs, including quality control assessment of primary structure modifications and higher-order structure analysis using oxidative labeling. This software is commercially available.

NeoProteomics is committed to furthering Structural Mass Spectrometry which is seen as a novel way to define the product of a biologic rather than a process. The standards provided can help drive the development of bio-similars or prove structural equivalency for existing biologics. A key advantage for Structural Mass Spectrometry foot printing experiments is that it provides side chain resolution which allows for the examination of macromolecules and membrane proteins and is not limited by and dependent on pepsin cleavage.


Systems Biology Service

Our research has shown that small sub-networks within PPI networks provide accurate classifiers of disease progression as well as identify families of drug targets providing go/no-go guidance in the development process from discovery through clinical trials. NeoProteomics’ services identify new pathways and drug targets, stratify patient populations to predict therapeutic response, and increase drug efficacy and safety.

NeoProteomics offers services to provide novel information about protein interactions that can lower the cost and shorten the time to development of new therapeutic agents.

Research teams from around the world partner with NeoProteomics to:
  • Develop and discover new biomarkers for disease
  • Validate existing biomarkers for clinical relevance
  • Gain a better understanding of the functional interaction of proteins in a disease state
  • Analyze experimental data to drive results
  • Design experiments to maximize client resources and minimize time

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