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Discovery Alliances

Forging Strategic Alliances with Biopharmaceuticals and Research Institutions Worldwide


Ono is actively pursuing drug discovery alliances with Japanese and foreign biopharmaceutical companies and research collaborations with universities and other research institutions with the aim of identifying “seeds” for new breakthrough research and geared towards injecting state-of-the-art technologies into in-house drug discovery activities. In drug discovery alliances with biopharmaceutical companies, Ono is endeavoring to achieve its aim of discovering original and innovative new drug candidates by combining our Compound-Orient drug discovery method with the state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies that these partners possess, in the domains of our strength such as bioactive lipids and enzyme inhibitors where Ono can use its accumulated technologies and know-how, and in the domains of new challenge such as modulator of membrane transport systems and biotechnology-based medicines where Ono can effectively use its accumulated know-how in neuroscience research and gene assets acquired through genome research.


Ono is in drug discovery collaboration with Array BioPharma Inc., Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and BioSeek, LLC of the US, as well as, Xention Limited and BioFocus DPI Limited of the UK and Evotec AG of Germany. All these collaborations are ongoing in aid of drug discovery efforts for new drug candidates in the domains of inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and CNS disorders. In the drug discovery alliance with Locus researching into kinases, a new compound was discovered in February 2011 that is potentially effective against cancer and auto-immune disease. Phase I clinical studies are currently underway at Ono. In December 2011, Ono entered into a drug discovery alliance in the area of bioactive lipids with Receptos Inc. of the US. In May 2012, we embarked on another drug discovery alliance, this time with Scil Proteins GmbH of Germany with the aim of discovering protein therapeutics. Further we initiated drug discovery collaborations with BioFocus in the field of CNS disorders in September 2012, and with Domain Therapeutics S.A. of France in the field of G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) in October 2012.



Enriching Development Pipeline through In-Licensing Efforts of New Drug Candidates


The successful new drug launch is becoming more challenging for companies worldwide.  Ono has been active in licensing in and out of new candidate compounds under development. By relocating our relevant pivot to the USA where major pharmaceutical companies and bioventure companies converge, we enhanced opportunities for alliances, which resulted in enriched development pipeline.

To illustrate, Ono was successful in 2010 in in-licensing carfilzomib (ONO-7057), a drug for the treatment of multiple myeloma, from Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. of the USA, and salirasib (ONO-7056), a potential drug for pancreatic cancer, from Kadmon Corporation, LLC of the USA (former Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc.).  Furthermore, in 2011, Ono in-licensed 5 compounds as follows: (i) a liver cancer vaccine (ONO-7268MX1) from OncoTherapy Science of Japan, (ii) ivabradine (ONO-1162), a drug for chronic heart failure, from Les Laboratoires Servier of France, (iii) KAI-4169 (ONO-5163), a compound for secondary hyperparathyroidism from Amgen Inc. of the USA (former KAI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), (iv) Orencia® (ONO-4164), a biologic for rheumatoid arthritis, from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company of the US, and (v) Stimuvax® (candidate of brand name) (ONO-7165/EMD531444), a novel cancer vaccine for non-small cell lung cancer, from Merck KGaA of Germany.

In April 2012, we established the Corporate Development & Strategy Headquarters in order to further enhance our licensing activities with speed and competitiveness as well as to plan and promote further overseas expansion.

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