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Consulting - strategy and development, Warehousing, storage, sampling, logistics and transport
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Key services


In addition to providing  a large number of available US-DMFs we can further :

  • Consult on preparation of European Drug Master Files (EDMF), United States Drug Master File (US-DMF) and for any other country.

  • Complete support for preparation of necessary documents and registration of finished formulations in E-CTD or any required formatand answering post submission queries.

  • Reformatting DMF to meet requirements of different countries.

  • Provide readily available BIOEQUIVALENCE studies. 

Raw materials for pharmaceuticals


On the forefront of our activities lies our competitive sourcing capabilities for raw materials, ingredients, excipients, additives, bulk as well as finished products and formulations for the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sector.

Both our network, assuring a global reach, and our expertise in these sectors have been valued by our customers enabling further cost reduction by sourcing at competitive prices without compromise to quality.



Business is becoming increasingly dynamic in less predictable markets due to economic instability, globalization and fierce competition, and disruptive technologies. The uncertainty and lack of information, that accompanies strategy making in these turbulent conditions, places the strategic capacity of the top management team under stress. CAREABILIS LLC can with its flexibility adapt itself to the needs and requirements of its clients. Our philosophy of delivering solutions compatible with our client’s corporate culture and mission, dictates that our engagement methodology always begins with a client company discovery phase. We believe that understanding the client results in faster and more economical engagements with guaranteed success. As we believe in honesty and integrity and focus on building long term partnership we will provide an appropriate solution and share our experience and conclusions. Hiring us will help you to increase revenue and margins, reduce cost and most of all avoid making the mistakes your competitors make. We also believe our task goes further than project based consultancy. Our task lies in ongoing support and counseling.

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