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MiSeq Services

A MiSeq run consists of one sequencing lane which enables rapid turnaround for your sequencing project.  The experiment can be performed right away without waiting for additional samples to fill the flow cell.

Having confidence in your data is critical.  MiSeq utilizes the same reliable sequencing technology as the HiSeq.  Sequensys ensures high quality data with all sequencing projects.


Voila!™ Cloud-based Data Analysis

Better Results

  • Increase the quantity of mapped reads
  • Increase the quality of mapped reads
  • Detect splice junctions consistently with high sensitivity and specificity

Faster Results

  • Easy simultaneous upload of all FASTQ files
  • Rapid turnaround from upload to results

Significant Results

  • Study level design and analysis
  • One set of summarized result files per project
  • Differential expression results in CSV format for easy filtering of gene expression

Easy Viewing of Results

  • Visually explore results with the Integrated Genomics Viewer (IGV)*
  • Perform statistical analysis and graph output in R or SpotFire
  • Output files are compatible with numerous other downstream analysis tools

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