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Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals
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Quality management services, Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO, …
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Quality management services, Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO, Regulatory services - CMC writing - medical writing, Training and education
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One Source for Clinical Operations Professionals

When you call upon ProTrials, you can engage an individual—or an entire team—of proven professionals for almost any clinical operations project. We assist clients with projects in virtually every therapeutic area, from Phases I through IV, and with NDA, BLA, PMA, and IND filings. No matter whether your project is in North America, Asia, or Europe, we can deliver the people and expertise you need—when you need them.

Project Management - Where Everything Comes Together

You can rely on ProTrials' experienced employees for comprehensive project management services. Our project managers have on average 15 years of clinical operations experience.  In addition, our professionals have worked in Phases I-IV, and have the expertise to manage all aspects of your project, as well as develop protocols and case report forms for upcoming trials.  We can use our own project management tools that have been tested and refined over years of use in clinical projects, or we can custom-design tools for your project. The tools we use are designed to maximize project efficiency and the effectiveness of the project team.
You can use our consultants to leverage the efforts of your in-house project team or rely on us for a complete outsourced management solution. Either way, our professionals manage projects with the utmost attention to detail from beginning to end.

Clinical Monitoring

ProTrials offers flexible clinical monitoring services, designed to accommodate any type or phase of a clinical trial. We can deliver experienced professionals—individuals or entire teams—to monitor all aspects of a clinical trial or simply to fill critical knowledge or experience gaps in your team. If you need a complete monitoring team, we can provide one with the right background and experience for your specific needs.

Our experienced clinical research professionals can easily integrate with your in-house clinical team to manage local trials. Or, you can take advantage of the ProTrials national network of clinical research professionals for trials requiring regional monitoring. Whether your clinical trials are conducted locally, regionally, nationally, or worldwide, we can provide you with the proven professionals you need.

Site Management - Ensuring Quality

Choosing investigators and study centers can be a resource-intensive task. ProTrials’ clients can use our investigator database, or you can outsource the identification, evaluation, and selection process to us. We can quickly and easily help you find the best investigators and study centers for upcoming trials. When necessary, we can train site personnel and provide tools to maximize a site's effectiveness. Good training, proven tools, and a solid relationship with CRAs results in cleaner data, higher subject enrollment, and fewer errors.

Quality Assurance - Every Step of the Way

ProTrials offers a wide range of quality assurance auditing services. For example, we can provide an independent audit of clinical projects in progress. We routinely conduct quality assurance audits and reports on our own monitors. We can also visit study sites or your own internal departments to conduct quality assurance audits. ProTrials helps you assure the highest quality sites, staff, and results for your projects.

Investigator Meetings

Bringing People Together
Let ProTrials plan, organize, and implement your upcoming investigator meetings and monitor workshops. Our experienced team will assure timely, cost-effective meetings while freeing your staff for other important clinical operations. Whether managing your entire meeting and workshop or handling specific components, you can count on ProTrials for a smooth implementation.

Clinical Training - Learning from the Best

ProTrials offers a wide range of flexible training and workshop options, enabling you to train clinical research associates, study coordinators, or study center staff. Our training programs can be scheduled on an "as-needed" basis and are designed to ensure that specific skills and knowledge required by your team are emphasized. We can conduct group training sessions on-site at your facility or work with people individually. Contact ProTrials for more information about planning training sessions and workshops to meet specific needs.

Therapeutic Areas

  •      Analgesia
  •      Cardiovascular
  •      CNS
  •      Dermatology
  •      Device
  •      Endocrinology
  •      Gastroenterology
  •      Genitourinary System / STDs
  •      Hematology
  •      Immunology
  •      Infectious Disease
  •      Oncology
  •      Ophthalmology
  •      Pediatric
  •      Pulmonary / Respiratory
  •      Rheumatology / Musculoskeletal
  •      Transplant
  •      Vaccines

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • Green Business

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