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Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals
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eData - IT - software, Consulting - strategy and development
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Our advantages

We are experts in data engineeringand leveraging

Our consultants are trained to quickly understand your expectations and to offer concrete solutions based on an in depth evaluation of your data. Our consultants can make the most complex datasets intelligible and evaluable, with the help of traditional analytical techniques, as well as specific proprietary technologies developed by Quinten’s development team.

A technology which can detect sources of opportunities and risks

We have designed and developed a unique technology through several years of research: the Q Finder® algorithm. This algorithm can simultaneously explore several types of data comprehensively, without the need for any preconceived notion, to identify the configurations with high value or with high risk, depending on the problem to be solved. This enables our consultants to formulate the most relevant strategic and operational recommendations, considering your data.

Concrete and immediate results

Our services are executed promptly, within eight to ten weeks in average. Our actions are focused on key performance indicators.

The Quinten methodology and Q-Finder technology in particular make it possible to accelerate and secure the continuity between your clinical trials, to reduce the time period before marketing your products and optimize the impact of promotional investments.

Recognition by the market

Our firm has been rapidly and continously growing since its creation, late 2008. Self-financed and profitable since our first year, we have experienced a 2-figure growth rate each year. All our assignments have fully met our clients’ expectations. We invite you to read their testimonies.




Quinten’s technology is based on the Q Finder® algorithm, a tool which was developed through several years of research whose specificity is to be able to utilise all types of data comprehensively and with no a priori notion.

The Q-Finder® technology makes it possible to extract from complex datasets homogeneous groups of observations presenting a significant singularity with regard to the events of interest.

In addition to the traditional approaches of modeling or data mining, Q-Finder® detects local configurations where risks or opportunities have shown to be significantly higher or lower than average. These configurations can involve variables having little or no overall impact on their own, but a high impact in specific contexts defined by one or several other variables.

Our technology perfectly supports missing data without removing incomplete records (which is likely to diminish data’s potential) and without replacing missing data by calculated values (which is likely to bias data).

It is not necessary to define any quantiles nor to hierarchise available variables. The optimal thresholds are identified automatically on each variable according to specific contexts defined by other variables.



Major strengths

The Q-Finder technology enables you to optimise your performance based on a deep and systematic combinatory exploration of your data.

Here are the major strengths of the Q-Finder, as a complement to traditional statistics and data mining approaches:

  • Does not require any pre-conceived notion: no quantiles, no selection, no hierarchisation of variables
  • Exhausts data : does not find some interesting profiles, but the best profiles with regard to your needs
  • Robustness: results are not impacted by slight changes in data
  • Reproducibility: results are identical if data and objectives are unchanged (no use of random functions)
  • Invariance: results are not impacted by permutation of lines and columns
  • Cross-validation: only rules replicated on extra-learning samples are kept
  • Systematic control of the risks for overfitting and false discovery

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