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Since the inauguration of the Genomic Sciences Center in 1998, RIKEN, initially in the form of the Protein Research Group, has elucidated the structures and functions of many important yet somewhat analysis-immune proteins. Along the way, the development of protein analysis facilities and novel technologies, and the nurturing of human talent have also come on in great leaps and bounds, with the five years between 2002 and 2007 particularly being a hive of activity, with more than 2700 fundamental protein structures and functions elucidated through the National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analysis (Protein 3000 Project). Using these cornerstones, results, and experience as a base, we are now moving on to the analysis of even more challenging proteins in an effort to elucidate the mechanisms of interaction of biomolecular systems at the tertiary structural level, and to reconstruct the functions as biomolecular systems in vitro in order to gain deeper understanding of life. We hope that the results and novel technologies developed can be used to their fullest both in and outside of RIKEN to advance crucial research into disease treatments and to give something back to society through the conversion of research results into industrial applications.

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