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Sequent Development LLC

Europe, North America
United States, Ukraine
Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, …
Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices
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GLP services, Pre-clinical development and testing, pre-clinical CRO
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We are an independent CRO based in the U.S. that conducts preclinical drug studies in state-of-the art, GLP-certified research facilities in Kiev, Ukraine. Our research sites are sponsored by the Ukraine National Academy of Medical Sciences and Ministry of Health and offer support for commercial development of new drug discoveries as part of their core mission. Our company was founded to bring the high quality, lower cost services of these research sites to emerging biotech companies in the U.S. and Europe, thereby providing them with an attractive option for advancing development programs quickly and at lower cost than other commercial CROs. We offer a broad range of preclinical services including drug safety, acute and chronic toxicity, pharmacological screening, bioavailability, bioequivalence, and extensive in vivo and in vitro screening for anticancer activity.

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