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Sales and Contract Services 

As breeding and handling of cotton rats is more difficult than that of other common laboratory rodents, we are glad to offer our expertise with this animal model to advance your own work.

Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc. provides a wide range of basic/pre-clinical research services using the cotton rat model for various viral agents. Areas such as anti-infective agents for prophylaxis and therapeutics as well as vaccine development for respiratory viruses, HSV, and basic research initiatives are our major focus. We bring decades of experience in the cotton rat model to provide our clients the necessary tools and information for the development and advancement of drug discovery.


Available Infectious Models

  • RSV

  • hMPV

  • Influenza

  • Para-Influenza type 3

  • Human Adenovirus

  • Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 

  • Measles virus 

Available Services

  • Quantitative Virology
  • Histopathology 
  • Serology/Immunology 
  • Molecular Diagnostics of Viral Infections 
  • Molecular Analysis of Inflammatory and Immune Responses 
  • Mucosal Immune Response Evaluation 
  • In vitro Screening 

Other Services

  • Development of Adjuvant Delivery Systems 
  • Development of the Adenovirus-based Vector Therapy  

In addition to contract services, Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc. provides cotton rats for off-site studies. SBI has one of the largest colonies of inbred cotton rats in the world. The animals of various ages are available for sale to commercial and academic institutions.

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