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North America, Asia
United States, China
Human Medicines
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Contract manufacturing, filling and packaging, Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO
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Sinova Inc. offers rare chemicals and custom synthesis at competitive prices with on-time delivery and strict confidentiality.

The absolute integrity of Sinova’s management and scientists allow our customers to be completely confident regarding confidentiality and product quality. We pride ourselves on our strict code of conduct.

Custom Synthesis

Upon submission of a request for custom synthesis, our scientists will evaluate the chemistry and provide an estimated cost and delivery time for your designated molecules. If synthetic information is limited or unavailable, we will conduct a full literature search of the target compound and pertinent synthetic methods. We treat requests for custom synthesis with strict confidentiality.

Individual compound synthesis:

* Custom synthesis of building blocks * Parallel synthesis for diversity and focused libraries (lead generation) * Lead optimization and structure-activity relationship profiling * Synthetic feasibility studies * Scale-up to kilograms

Our Scientists have expertise in:

* Chiral Synthesis * Multisteps Synthesis * Hydrogenations and Cryogenic Reactions * Moisture and Air Sensitive Reactions * Water Soluble Intermediates * Prep HPLC Purification * Full Structure Characterizations * Substituted Indoles, Indazoles Picolines, and Indolines


We welcome you to visit and evaluate our state of the art labs and facilities in Shenzhen, China.

An increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the numerous benefits of establishing long-term outsourcing strategies with Contract Research Organizations (CROs). This partnership between the sponsor and the CRO is exemplified by a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) agreement. Sinova provides this service in the field of medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, and pharmacokinetics at our brand new 85,000 square foot building in the beautiful city of Shenzhen , China .
According to the FTE contractual agreement, we provide the client with a project team dedicated to the client’s needs for a specified period of time at a fixed rate per FTE. The fixed rate normally covers costs of salary, common experiment materials, and instrumentation uses. Because of our location and expertise advantage, clients may find our rates and services at more favorable terms than the rest of the world, or even within China.

Why contract with Sinova for FTEs?

* Low rate per FTE compared to other locations * Ease of travel and product transportation due to Shenzhen’s proximity to Hong Kong * Ease of recruiting talented scientists coupled with state of the art equipments * Extremely high quality working environment, comparable to Western standards

Project steps for FTE service:

* Contact us by phone or email, or visit us and let us know your needs * We will assemble a dedicated research team to accomplish your research goals * Under your supervision and management, the project starts * You will have timely project updates, meetings, or reports, as needed * Final report and product delivery

Our strict Code of Conduct

Once Sinova agrees to work on a particular project or objective for a customer, we contractually guarantee that will not work on the same project or objective for any other client for a mutually agreed period of time.

We do not accept contracts from a potential client that would conflict with work in hand for an existing client.

We will not sell any products or intermediates that came from contractual research without the client¡¯s expresses permission.


Sinova’s analytical chemistry team has extensive experience in chemical quality control and analysis. With our state-of-the-art instruments and facilities, we provide:

* Method validation * Stability tests * Water-soluble compound purification * Purity and water content analysis * Complete and thorough documentation and records * Full structural characterization

Approvals, Certificates, Authorisations

  • FDA

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