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Sun Health Research Institute offers a variety of clinical trials and other research studies to patients, family members and people in the community who wish to contribute to finding an end to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

These research studies:

  • Help to advance medicine and medical care
  • Evaluate the safety and efficacy of medications and other medical treatments for Alzheimer’s
  • Increase our understanding of the disease and its impact on quality of life

We have more than 25 studies, and there are usually 10 open for enrollment at any time. We typically offer several different kinds of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s studies, including those that evaluate:

  • Medications that may enhance memory and thinking ability
  • Medications that may delay worsening of the disease
  • Immunotherapies such as vaccines in delaying the progression of disease
  • Medications specifically designed to help people with severe Alzheimer’s dementia
  • The long term course of people with very early signs of memory loss but no loss of ability to function on a daily basis
  • New brain-imaging techniques
  • New techniques for early diagnosis
  • Quality of life issues for the patient and their families
  • New approaches to serve our minority populations including Latinos and Native Americans

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