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Key services


Sequencing service

Biosciences in collaboration with the Peninsula Medical School Diabetes Centre has installed an Illumina high-throughput HiSeq 2000 sequencing system. The HiSeq 2000 uses a massively parallel sequencing-by-synthesis approach to generate billions of bases of high quality DNA sequence per run. Current projects involve genomic sequencing, mRNA-seq, ChIP-Seq and small RNA profiling.


Our services

We are able to offer the following services:

  • Denovo Genome Sequencing
  • Genome Resequencing
  • RNA-seq
  • Small RNA
  • ChIP-seq
  • Meth-seq
  • Bioinformatics analysis and support (by special arrangement)

Mass Spectrometry facility

Metabolomics and proteomics analysis

The aim of the Mass Spectrometry facility is to provide not just a service for routine metabolomics and proteomics analysis, but to work in collaboration with academics to develop project lead methods to suit individual needs. We welcome input from researchers within, and external to, the University of Exeter.

The technology

We have 6410 enhanced sensitivity triple quadrupole (QQQ) and 6520 accurate mass quadrupole time of flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometers (Agilent Technologies). Both are interfaced with Agilent 1200 series HPLC stacks for online LC-MS and state-of-the-art high resolution HPLC-Chip technology for nanoLC-MS.


Bioimaging suite

The Bioimaging suite provides state-of-the art instrumentation and experienced staff to assist researchers and students to obtain high quality microscopy. The newly refurbished suite reopened in 2007 and houses a scanning electron microscope, a confocal-laser scanning microscope and a transmission electron microscope.


Bioinformatics support service (ExBiSS)

The School of Biosciences recognises both the opportunities and often the daunting challenges posed by the large amounts of data which result from ecology, molecular biology, sequencing, metabolomics and indeed most areas of Biology. To help researchers plan their experiments and make the most of their data, Biosciences currently hosts a grouping of bioinformaticians based at both the Streatham and Cornwall campuses. We are available to advise on any project you may be undertaking, whether you are a PhD student, postdoctoral researcher or a PI.

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