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We are a fast-growing San Diego-based biotechnology company providing High Content Screening (HCS) services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. As an EPA-certified subcontractor and assay provider for the ToxCAST screening program, we were recently awarded an “Exceptional” rating for services provided.


Our portfolio includes over 100 primary and stem-cell based HCS assays, many of which can be adapted or customized to answer specific biological questions. This includes assays that measure Adipogenesis, Lipolysis, Steatosis, Apoptosis, Wound healing, Cell migration, Angiogenesis, Cadherins, Wnt signaling, MAPK and ERK pathways, and Functional Neuronal assays.


We specialize in high throughput CardioTox screening using our Kinetic Image Cytometer (KIC) platform. This unique instrumentation, in conjunction with powerful image analysis software, provides clients with rich calcium and voltage profiling at a fraction of the cost of traditional patch-clamp studies.


Our team of industry-experienced PhD level scientists will work with you in a collaborative manner to customize assays and output data to precisely meet your needs.

Please contact us for a free consultation on custom assay services.

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