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Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)

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Human Medicines
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Academic collaboration, Analytical laboratory and testing services
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Cores and Shared Resources


Biomedical research at VUMC is supported by designated institutional cores and shared resources. These facilities offer cutting edge scientific services, enabling access to high-end equipment, advanced techniques and specialized expertise for all Vanderbilt investigators.


    ACCRE - Advanced Computing Center for Research & Education

    Biostatistics Shared Resources

    Cancer Biostatistics Center


    Cell Imaging Shared Resource

    Center for Human Genetics Research Cores

    DNA Resources

    Genetic Studies Ascertainment

    CRC–Clinical Research Center

    Division of Animal Care

    Epidemiology Shared Resources

    Biospecimen Core

    Survey Research Shared Resource

    Flow Cytometry and Immunology Cores

    Genome Sciences Resource


    Hormone Assay and Analytical Services Core

    Information Technology Services - ITS

    High Performance Research Data Storage - BlueArc

    Mass Spectrometry Research Center Cores

    Mass Spectrometry Core

    Proteomics Core

    Tissue/Serum Proteomics Core

    Molecular Cell Biology Resource Cores

    Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center

    Rat and Mouse Neurobehavior Cores

    Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory

    Rat Neurobehavioral Laboratory

    Neurochemistry Core Laboratory

    Sleep Research Core

    Translational Pathology Shared Resource

    Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology

    Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology

    Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology - VICB

    Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science

    ZCORE - Zebrafish Aquatic Facility

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