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  • Government Standards Provide Assurance For Cryogenics Industry

    contributed by Kathy Jordan  Government Standards Provide Assurance For Cryogenics Industry The field of cryogenics and biological storage is of critical importance to the pharmaceuticals, medical research, and law enf... more »

  • Meet Indena at Informex 2015

    Indena SpA is an Italian private company dedicated since 1921 to research, development and manufacturing of active ingredients from natural sources.     With its capabilities and expertise Indena is the natural partner ... more »

  • Roche invests in MS-focused start-up

      Published with kind permission of MEDNOUS   Roche has announced plans to create a second start-up company with the venture capital firm Versant Ventures – this time focused on the development of potential small molecul... more »

  • Cardio3 gets Chinese funding commitment

    Published with kind permission of MEDNOUS   Cardio3 BioSciences SA of Belgium is to sell shares valued at €25 million to Medisun International Ltd of Hong Kong in a two-part deal that will also see it participate in a jo... more »

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    ... AND THAT BIOTECHNOLOGY WAS INVENTED BY A HUNGARIAN SLAUGHTER? Unbelievable, but brewing beer is Biotechnology! Cheers! Furthermore, the history of Biotechnology is really interesting, as it has it´s beginning with t... more »

  • What is CEP?

          Access database with more than 10.000 pharma & biotech providers   Need providers for CEP services? Find here   In the following you can read on the Certificate of suitability of Monographs of the European Phar... more »

  • The Role and Responsibility of the Regulatory Affairs Department

      Looking for regulatory affairs providers? Find here More PHARMA KNOWHOW here Database with more than 10.000 pharma providers    Medicinal products, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, medical devices, and food suppl... more »

  • The Challenges in Manufacturing Biologics

    Biomanufacturing requires special handling. Just found an interesting video, provided by AMGEN, showing the challenges of biologics manufacturing. By the way, if you need contract manufacturers for biologicals, you´ll ... more »

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