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GSK and Partners Bavarian Nordic and J&J Ebola vaccine candidates both reach Phase II

In outbreak situations such as the Ebola crisis, vaccines play an essential role that was largely needed during the 2014 health emergency, especially when the plague reached the First World. To ensure preparedness against Ebola, now and in the future, companies have been rushing to develop vaccines against this disease ... MORE

Sanofi’s Extreme Makeover gives prominence to Genzyme

There seems to be a tendency towards revolution amongst Sanofi’s CEOs. Olivier Brandicourt, Managing director of the French drugmaker since his €4.1M golden handshake with the company, has come up with a restructuration plan that will reduce Sanofi’s business units from seven to five. The French businessman expects this reorganization … MORE 


Apogenix heads for the Chinese Market

Apogenix wants to enter the world’s second biggest pharma market. Its lead candidate APG101 was just licensed by CANbridge Life Sciences to treat patients suffering from glioblastomas in China, Macao and Hong Kong. Last year, during our South Germany tour, we payed a visit to Heidelberg-based Apogenix. The company is … MORE

Personalized Cancer medicines are becoming reality thanks to AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s newly approved combo

A new success for personalized medicines against cancer! AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s collaboration has achieved a major milestone after receiving the FDA’s approval of Iressa, a first-line treatment for a common form of lung cancer. The drug candidate is paired with Qiagen’s therascreen EGRF test as a companion diagnostic test. … MORE

Researchers found the missing key factor to unleash the potential of iPS Cells

When the Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Shinya Yamanaka succeeded to generate induced pluripotent cells (iPS cells) from specialized adult cells, the field of stem cells was completely revolutionized. Since Yamanaka’s paper on adult mouse fibroblasts back in 2006, scientists have been able to perform cellular reprogramming, but the process still isn’t … MORE

July 18th, 2015


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