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Europe Vaccination Leader? // Sanofi´s Extreme Makeover // Biotech Changed Cancer Treatment // Utero Stem Cell Trial etc

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Who is the Leader in the Vaccination Ecosystem – is it (still) Europe?

Vaccination is a preventive measure that aims at accelerating the building of specific defenses in order to help protect an individual against infection. Vaccine development, however, is very different from clinical drug development. Here is a brief outline of the ‘Vaccine Ecosystem’ which exists in the biotech industry, which following evolution from the last few years now poses the question: Are European Biotechs still the key players in the Vaccine field? ... MORE

Sanofi’s Extreme Makeover gives prominence to Genzyme

There seems to be a tendency towards revolution amongst Sanofi’s CEOs. Olivier Brandicourt, Managing director of the French drugmaker since his €4.1M golden handshake with the company, has come up with a restructuration plan that will reduce Sanofi’s business units from seven to five. The French businessman expects this reorganization … MORE

The Ultimate Review on how Biotech Changed Cancer Treatment


You have roughly 50% chance of developing a cancer in your life and 25% of dying from it. How to cure it? Biotech played and will continue to play an essential role in Cancer, ranging from monoclonal antibodies, immuno-oncology, CAR-T … MORE

Personalized Cancer medicines are becoming reality thanks to AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s newly approved combo

A new success for personalized medicines against cancer! AstraZeneca and Qiagen’s collaboration has achieved a major milestone after receiving the FDA’s approval of Iressa, a first-line treatment for a common form of lung cancer. The drug candidate is paired with Qiagen’s therascreen EGRF test as a companion diagnostic test. … MORE

First-ever in utero Stem Cell Trial to be conducted by Karolinska Institutet

The Karolisnka Institutet (Sweden) is ready to make History by conducting the first study involving the transplantation of stem cells into unborn babies. The treatment aims to strengthen the bone by producing collagen in infants with the brittle-bone disease Osteogenesis … MORE

“CAR-T / TCR Deserves to have a lot of Money because the Data is Very Exciting”

The World leaders of Biotech are in San Francisco right now for the 14th BIO Investor Forum, which brings together top-notch Biotech investors and management teams. On the first day, Luke Timmerman, probably one of the best biotech journalists in …MORE


SynBio Perfumery; Making tasty smells and ingredients with Microbes

Isobionics is a biotech from the Netherlands who specialize in synthetic bio-production of natural essential oils and flavorings for use in the food, perfume and detergent industry. On the other hand, Evolva, from Basel  (Switzerland), are estimated to produce up … MORE

October 21st, 2015


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