European Microbiome Congress // Nov 30 - Dec 1st 2016 // London, UK




Annual European Microbiome Congress

November 30-December 1, 2016



London, UK




Attend the European Microbiome Congress by Kisaco Research from November 30-December 1 in London and join 150+ microbiologists, clinicians regulatory and industry executives as we discuss the latest in microbiome research, clinical trials and collaborative partnerships, with a focus on over 5 microbiome niches such a gut, lung, oral and skin.


Keynote sessions will be led by experts including Rob Knight, UCSD; Maria Dominguez-Bello and Martin Blaser, NYU School of Medicine; Trevor Lawley, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and other speakers from EMBL, INRA and Chr. Hanson.  Further, we will also be holding poster sessions for PhD students to provide opportunities for all scientists to learn about state-of-the-art research methods and clinical protocols for conducting microbiome work.


Key sessions include:

  • The strength and relevance of models in translational microbiome research
  • Levels of phylogenetic and functional diversity in the microbiome
  • Clinical applications of microbiome research
  • Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of probiotics
  • The role of the microbiome in metabolic disease
  • Turning IP into a commercially viable business


In recent years, the objective of research has progressed from simply defining the structure and diversity of the microbiome, with multidisciplinary collaboration accelerating laboratory discoveries into clinical trial and treatments for patients.  Join us today to get ahead of where the research will take us.


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