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  • User guide for matchmaking tool you find here
  • primarily for service buyer
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  • SCREEN DATABASE of more than 13.000 pharma providers, worldwide, all service categories and send anonymous inquiries
  • EXTENSIVE SEARCH & FILTER FUNCTIONS - easily find what you need, e.g. external providers for your projects, research tool to find information for marketing, business development, market research etc.
  • User guide for database & search & filter functions you find here
  • service buyer & service provider can access it
  • requires subscription



  • Increase your visibility at the web: Google searches & searches at of buyers/outsourcers can lead to your company profile
  • primarily for service provider
  • FOR FREE, no charge!



  • If you wish to promote your company or your company´s services more prominently, please see HERE our manifold advertising options
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  • Pricing details and overview you find HERE



What is What can I do? is "the Google for Pharma"! is the Outsourcing Specialist for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry worldwide. You might not find what you need on Google or on any other sources - but you´ll find on! 

  • SEARCH ENGINE: Quick and comfortable search (free keyword search!) for all kinds of services - downloadable as excel file  to create your own database of service providers you need or as information source for your eventsmarketing activities etc ... 
  • DATABASE: Access to thousands of company profiles of locally, regionally or globally acting service providers, such as CMOs, CROs (clinical & preclinical), consultants, analytical laboratories, regulatory affairs & pharmacovigilance consultants, marketing agents, training companies, software companies, warehouse & logistics companies and many more ... !
  • FREE MATCHMAKING: Place anonymous sourcing requests & receive applications of suitable providers within shortest time!
  • TARGETED BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Apply to service requests and introduce your company targeted to buyers! 
  • RATINGS: Share your experience with providers and rate them! 


User Guides

  • How to place a sourcing request & get applications of providers: Outsourcing planned? Looking for provider? Simply place your request here - anonymously & for free - and get applications of providers within shortest time. How this works exactly, you learn here
  • How to apply to buyers´ requests & to get the most out of it: 
    • Please ensure that you answer very specifically on the particular request described. Do not send only "unspecific" marketing just added via copy & paste from your marketing brochure. You definitively must rely on what the buyer is asking for. If you send only applications like "Hello, we can do this, please contact us" chances are very low that you´ll get any feedback on your applications. 
    • Service Buyers expect detailed information being relevant for the specific request and requirements given. Describe, why you are the perfect match. You must convince the buyer that you are the perfect provider for this project. 
    • Your contact details will be submitted automatically.
    • You can add further contact information into the message field if necessary.
    • You can upload and add 1 additional file. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Sponsors/buyers/outsourcers place their requests THEMSELVES and INDEPENDENTLY on our platform. As the operators of this platform we´re not further involved nor we know any further details. If you wish to introduce your company to these buyers to be principally able to provide the requested services please apply to these buyers directly by using the apply-form. The buyer then receives your application within his account and will contact you directly for further details and discussions in case he´s attracted by your application and considers your company as principally suitable. So please make sure to send CONVINCING applications!

  • How to access the company database and use search & filter functions: With a valid subscription you can access the company database, use all search & filter functions, save your searches to your account and even export them to Excel! MORE DETAILS


What does it cost to use

Find all detailed pricing information here.


Why there are two different pricing models - points and subscription? 

  • If you wish to apply for sourcing requests, you need to purchase points. This is an "on-demand" service which is very flexible. You only  need to pay in that moment when you wish to apply for a request which is of interest for you. As it could be that within one year there are only 1, 2 or 3 requests that match your competencies, a subscription would not make much sense. So you only pay-as-you-go. 
  • If you wish to screen our company database and use our incredible search&filter functions, you need to purchase a subscription. This allows you to get unlimited access(within subscription period) to our database, to view unlimited company profiles, to filter companies by interest (service categories, regions etc), to use the search and filter functions (free keyword search!), to save your searches to your account and to even export them to your computer (as Excel). In this case a points model would not be appropriate as when searching for something you want to move freely. 

Does my point budget expire if I don´t use them immediately?

No, Points do not expire (as long you don´t spend them). 

Is there an automatic renawal of my points budget or subscription?
No, there is no automatic renawal of your points budget or subscription. When points are spent or subscription is expired you decide if and when to extend. 

How can I purchase points or a subscription?

As a registered user you can purchase points and subscriptions within your account. Simply click on the "subscription" or "points" icons within the header of your account menu (when logged in) and follow the payment process. You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. 

  • Payment via credit card: Your points or your subscription will be immediately credited to your Pharmatching account. You receive an invoice for your accounting afterwards via email within 48 hours latest. 
  • Payment via bank transfer: If you do not want to pay by credit card, select the payment method “Bank transfer”. You receive an invoice for the bank transfer. After we received your payment or at least a payment confirmation, we´ll credit your points/subscription to your Pharmatching account. 

How do I get a receipt after the payment?

You receive an invoice via email within 48 hours latest. 

How is the VAT and VAT number handled?
These details are inserted automatically into the invoice according to the information you provide upon registration/billing. If there are any details missing to proceed your payment, our finance staff will contact you. 

Is my payment secure?
Our payments are processed by PayTool (, a specialist for international internet payments with domicile in Germany. The whole payment process is certified by ( on an annual basis. Thus, we follow the highest security standards to process your credit card payments.

Where can I find your terms and privacy policy?


How does my account help me to organize my activities? 

Every user has an own account. In your account you find your user profile which can be updated, your company profile (service providers) which you can update, your service requests (service buyers) or applications (service providers) and the list of your saved searches (buyers and providers). You can draft or edit your placements or applications, you administer your activities and can download certain content via excel. All of these functions allow you to get an oversight on your activities. The account has a very clear structure, is easy to use and all information is easy to find.


Can I get downloadable excel sheets of my search results?

Yes. If you have a valid subscription, you can save all your searches to your account and export them to your computer as an Excel file. 


How can I rate a company?

There are 3 ways to rate a company (Ratings are always placed anonymously): 

a) Without account: In every company profile you´ll find the submenu "Ratings". Click on this tab and then you´ll see the green "rate this company" button. Click this button, the rating form opens. To access the profile of the company you wish to rate, please use the search function or screen the company profiles

b) With account: If registered as Service Buyer you can rate your providers via received applications on your placed requests AND via the convenient rate function within your account.  

c) Via invitation: Providers can invite their customers to rate them. If you receive such an invitation via email, you simply click on the link within the email and fill in the rating form. 



What can I do anonymously, and when do other users see my contact details?

  • Service Buyers place their requests anonymously.
  • Ratings are placed anonymously.
  • Whenever a Service Provider responds to a request, contact details (name, company, phone, Email) are submitted by the system automatically. These messages are only visible for the receiver. No other user can see them.


How can I get in contact with other users offering or requesting services of interest to me?

Service Buyer: 

If you have posted a service request, you receive applications from interested Service Providers. The system adds their contact details (name, company, phone, Email) automatically. Any following steps can thus be initiated by you through direct contact via phone or Email. To send a short feedback to your applicants, you can use the "feedback function" in your account. This feedback is submitted anonymously.


Service Provider:

If a service request is of interest to you, you send an application to the Service Buyer. The system adds your contact details (name, company, phone, Email) automatically. Any following steps can thus be initiated by the receiver through direct contact via phone or Email.

How can I edit my company profile?

As a registered provider we´ll connect your account with your company profile. To edit & update this profile, please login to your ACCOUNT and click on the tab "company profile" or if you are already there, refresh/reload the page. Then you can edit the profile and fill in content by yourself by clicking on the little pencil symbol. You can describe your services, add pictures, movies, special projects, social media channels, press releases, invite your clients to rate you etc ... You can edit and update the profile anytime and as often you want. This service is FOR FREE.


How can I add my company profile?

As a newly registered user we´ll activate your company profile and connect it to your user account within 48 hours latest and let you know via email. 




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