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Laboratory needed for Bomb Calorimetry (Metabolizable Energy Intake Balance method)

  • Pre-clinical development and testing, pre-clinical CRO, Clinical development and testing, clinical CRO, Analytical laboratory and testing services
  • Human Medicines, Biopharmaceuticals, Animal Medicines
  • Worldwide
  • 06/30/2017


We would require to arrange with a laboratory (worldwide) the analysis service of food, urine and feces samples by means of oxygen bomb calorimetry.

The purpose of our trial is to assess the effects of long-term calorie restricted dietary diets (non-ketogenic) in neurological pathology. Metabolizable energy intake balance method would be needed in order to obtain a sufficiently accurate measure of the baseline total energy expenditure. In addition, an end-point measurement would be necessary in order to verify the degree of caloric restriction attained. Then a laboratory with some prior experience in this method would be preferred, although not strictly required.

Determination of energy content of the aliquoted samples of prepared diets, urine and feces collected during the energy intake balance measurement period is needed in order to obtain gross energy intake, excretory losses and then metabolizable energy intake. Our laboratory would send frozen aliquoted samples of these collections for analysis by means of bomb calorimetry.

We would be interested in receiving information about protocols required for this bomb calorimetry testing service, in addition to a rough estimate of its costs. Please also let us know if you need any further details about the nature of this trial.

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