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Looking for a cheap quick test for nagalase AKA Alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase

  • Pre-clinical development and testing, pre-clinical CRO
  • Human Medicines
  • Worldwide
  • 03/31/2014


Inspired by Jack Andraka’s antibodies and carbon nanotubes test for mesothelin to detect pancreatic cancers in stage 1 or 2, we want such a test for nagalase which is produced by virtually all cancers. See clinical trials by Nobuto Yamamoto for use in tracking treatment. Such a test would be great for screening for any dangerous cancer, but then the easy tracking of tumor burden lets you use any treatment that might work and discover its effectiveness within a week or two. If it stops working there are plenty of other treatments to try.

We believe that this could vastly improve both early detection and cure rate. This would let us use macrophage activating factor or white blood cell infusions from donors whose WBCs kill cancer cells or insulin potentiated chemotherapy or experimental new treatments and find out quickly if that is working for this patient.

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